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For some reason, female characters seem to have rape, pregnancy, and miscarriage in their top five choices for character growth. In my opinion, that's bovine-sourced organic fertilizer.
I'm just going to name some female characters. How many were or were implied to have been canonically raped, pregnant, or miscarried by way of character development? If its so prevalent, it should be most of 'em, right?

Chell (Portal)
Glados (Portal)
Alyx Vance (Half-Life)
Jade (Beyond Good and Evil)
Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
Faith Connors (Mirror's Edge)
Samus Aran (Metroid)
Princess Peach (Super Mario)
Jessie (Pokemon)
Misty (Pokemon)
Dawn (Pokemon)
Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)
Lois Griffin (Family Guy)
Meg Griffin (Family Guy)
Beverly Crusher (Star Trek)
Tori (Star Trek)
Jane Eyre
Portia (Merchant of Venice)
Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)
Batwoman (Batman)
Stephanie Brown (Batman)
Cassie Cain (Batman)
Catwoman (Batman)
Wonder Woman
The vast majority of Joss Whedon characters
Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games, though I still haven't finished the third book)
Uhura (Star Trek)
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace (BSG)
Eliza Doolitte (My Fair Lady)
Anya Stroud (Gears of War)
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Molly Weasley (Harry Potter)
Bellatrix Black (Harry Potter)
Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
Martha Jones (Doctor Who)
Astrid Peth (Doctor Who)
River Song (Doctor Who)
Sarah Jane Smith (Doctor Who)
Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

Please note that I actually had to remove some of the Doctor's female companions.

I'm not sure what's so wrong with pregnancy to advance the character development. It's not like men often get pregnant, and an SO's pregnancy is often used as character development for men as well.

The odd thing is that I've seen plenty of people say women's rapes aren't discussed enough (it's not like there's a Law and Order show focused mainly on sexual assault or anything), but then they turn around and complain that it's used too much. I've had someone who agreed with the former move goalposts to say they were doing it "wrong" and they should "fix" the new Tomb Raider game by removing any explicit reference to Lara being sexually assaulted. And, as always, there's nary a peep when media show men being sexually assaulted. Heck, it's often played as a joke.

I've been hearing this a lot lately, except it's just been "sexual assault". Dornbeast tacked pregnancy and miscarriage onto it by way of moving goalposts (note that the post she was responding to said nothing about pregnancy or miscarriage), and it's still wrong.

I mean, you could even include Ellen Ripley, under a very loose definition of "pregnancy", except she's commonly cited as one of the best Strong Female Characters ever.

Personally, I think male sexual assault should be discussed more, and shouldn't be a joke. You want equality, you got it; let's make male rape as bad as female rape. Let's get the FBI to change their definition so women can actually rape by envelopment, as well as the other places where men can't be RBE, like the UK. Let's devote more resources to male victims of domestic abuse, which make up around 40% of the total in the US. Let's try to end prison rape, which disproportionately affects men. Let's ask why men who have been raped, including a then 12-year old boy, have been forced to pay child support. Lets change the Safe Haven laws so they're unisex. Lets give men as many contraception options as women. Lets have women added to the draft.

Of course, people will then start asking why feminism, which is supposedly about equality, wasn't doing all of this already.
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If the design for your Tumblr has a font size smaller than a cooked grain of rice is wide, it is too small.


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Rape is part of our culture. It’s normalized to the point where men who are otherwise decent guys will rape and not even think that it’s wrong. And that’s what terrifies me.
-Jessica Valenti, as quoted by a Voice For Men

Maybe it's a bit of a radical notion, but I don't consider someone who's committed rape without a qualm to be a "decent guy". Or, for that matter, girl.

“Masculinity has become so intertwined with violence that it becomes invisible.”
- Linda Ann Scacco and Molly Turro, same

This is a textbook "dragon in my garage" argument. "You can't tell masculinity is the same as violence! That's because you can only see the violence! But I can see it because I've taken the red pill!"

There may be panting involved at this point. Possibly on their part, possibly as you run away.
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Social Justice Sally: I don't like this attempted rape scene in the new Tomb Raider game! It's excessive!
Me: How do you define "excessive"?
Sally: It's being used as a cheap plot hook!
Me: It's being framed by the developer as a critical plot point in Lara's character development. In fact, he also said that if she doesn't kill her assailant, she dies. So the scene isn't so much about "Lara's almost-rape" as it is about "Lara's almost-rape and murder" as it is about "Lara killing for the first time when faced with mortal peril."
Sally: So?
Me: Aside from the usual assumption that everything involving sexual assault is necessarily about a man sexually assault, don't you Sallies often say that rape isn't depicted enough in the media?
Sally: We don't complain about rape being depicted, we complain about rape being depicted the wrong way.
Me: Do you?
Sally: Yes. Because they're only doing this to create cheap drama.
Me: *facepalm* Okay. Oookay. How would you do better?
Sally: They don't need to show the rape. They could just show Lara after the event, and imply what happened, maybe have the player find clues. This would make for a stronger narrative and a gritter, more hardcore Lara.
Me: So you think the game better is if a woman is almost raped offscreen, kills her attacker in self-defense offscreen, and then no one ever explicitly says anything about it for the duration of the game. You want a sexual assault reduced to a series of collectable plot coupons.
Sally: Yes. They could also use other tropes than sexual assault.
Me: So you want the game to either never explicitly depict or acknowledge sexual assault, or to not have it at all.
Sally: Yes.
Me: And this makes sense to you?
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There was a post on Tumblr about how opposing gay marriage = homophobia.

The logic ran that since people who opposed gay marriage wanted to deny gay people of their rights, that meant they hated gays.

Of course, by that logic, the officer who arrests a suspect, depriving them of their freedom, must also hate the suspect, right? How about banning smoking? What about tresspassing?

But all of those things are illegal, you say?

Not exactly; an officer does not need to have a guilty suspect to arrest them, just probable cause. The original premise did not say it was okay to deny people their rights when it was legal, only that wanting to do so necessarily indicates that one is doing so out of hate.

Not to mention the sheer tautology of the idea; people who oppose gay marriage must hate gays, or else they wouldn't oppose gay marriage. Most of the arguments I've heard in favor of gay marriage aren't actually very logical; they mostly consist of declaring the opposition bigots and homophobes. For some reason, such arguments aren't convincing to the people on the other side.

I have heard that gay marriages will stimulate the economy, and it occurs to me that so wserill gay divorces. Think about medical insurance; premiums spiked rapidly once the lawyers got involved.

In the interests of fairness, the idea that "traditional" marriage is inherently "better" is just as flawed. In fact, Appeal to Tradition is a recognized fallacy. Ultimately, both sides' positions are almost entirely subjective.
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Feminist: We are under no obligation to talk about issues that disproportionately affect men.

Someone: So you don’t care about the fact that including prison rape puts the rape victim numbers for both genders in the US at roughly equal?

Feminists: Stop trying to derail and make it all about the menz!

News: Turns out Jerry Sandusky raped a bunch of boys and Penn State officials concealed it for years.

Feminists: This is horrible!

Someone: Wait, you won’t discuss prison rape, but you will discuss this? You are aware that blogs about prejudice and discrimination against men have been talking about this sort of thing and this in particular for a long time?

Feminists: Uh…

Someone: Which would mean that you somehow think that discussing men’s rights issues only becomes “feminism” when you feel like it -

Feminists: It’s relevant to us because Patriarchy. And Rape Culture.

Someone: -or it means that you’re trying to make a case about men and boys “all about the girlz”.

Feminists: PatriarchyRapeCulturePatriarchyRapeCulturePatriarchyRapeCult

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  • Cliquish structure.
  • Ideas that a "true X" has to hold.
  • Specialized language and terms that are completely opaque to non-initiates.
  • Special terms for dismissing outsiders.
  • Hostility toward outsiders unless they've "proved" themselves.
  • Reluctance to consider criticism, especially external.
  • Responding to criticism by attacking the critic instead of what they're saying.
  • Popular Big Names who few dare contradict.
  • Certain facts "everyone knows".
  • Double standards for people on the "inside" vs those on the "outside".
  • Tendency to put everyone in categories, and evaluate their statements based on the category they're perceived to be in.
  • Reactions to things are usually based on emotion instead of logic.
  • Insistence that people who disagree with one clearly cannot understand the subject.

Now, am I describing Social Justice, or a fandom?

For more, see the Geek Social Fallacies. These facts often apply to Social Justice in general, but Tumblr has a particularly intense form of it, since the mechanisms to spread information are the exact same ones one uses for fandom.

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Public: Why don't you make a movie with a female lead character?
Pixar: What about Monsters Inc?
Public: She couldn't even really talk.
Dory: Finding Nemo?
Public: Dory shared the spotlight with Nemo and his dad.
Pixar: So being a co-protagonist doesn't count?
Public: Nope.
Pixar: But most of our movies have multiple leads.
Public: So?
Pixar: Fine. This is Merida, starring in Brave. She's a feisty, independent ginger Scottish princess.
Public: Ugh, why'd you make a bog-standard Disney princess?
Pixar: Excuse me?
Public: We wanted something original!
Pixar: Uh...
Public: And why are you making such a big deal about her being a girl?
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An interesting video about the difference between objectification of men and women, double standards thereof, and the social pressures behind them. Here are the articles she refers to and links in the description.

Am I Sexist? - Common Sense Atheism

Why Shameless Objectification Can Be A Good Thing - Jezebel

Why men can't - and shouldn't - stop staring at women - Ian Brown for The Globe and Mail
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Guy shoots someone in a state with Stand Your Ground; it's because guns are evil, and Stand Your Ground laws are evil, and every politician who voted for them is directly responsible for the murder this guy committed because he thinks such laws will cover him, and America has a gun problem that directly caused this incident, not the actions of a single man.

I am not paraphrasing. This is literally what tumblr is saying.

This is pretty much the equivalent of complaining about violent video games because of Columbine. It's taking an isolated incident, and using it to generalize about literally every single gun owner in America. That's something like 40 million people for handguns alone, yet only a small percentage of gun owners use them to commit crimes. If I started generalizing about black people based on black crime, everyone would justifiably rip my head off, but it's suddenly okay to do so when gun ownership comes up. And this is coming from a pacifist guy who doesn't live in America, never has, doesn't own a gun, and probably never will, barring the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse.
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Public: No one should hire people based on their race, their color, or their sexual preference!
Hollywood: Okay.
Public: Well?
Hollywood: Well what?
Public: Why aren't you hiring more minorities?
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Alex: I am a popular science fiction author. Here is an article talking about how Straight White Men have an advantage over everyone else.
Bob: I am a SWM, and I have a chronic illness. Nonetheless, I am expected to take up more responsibility simply because I am a SWM. I have also been discriminated against and turned down for jobs explicitly because I am a SWM. People have told me this to my face. There are also several programs for social and financial assistance for minorities, and effectively none for white men. Discrimination does exist, but it happens to everyone and it needs to be looked at on an individual basis.
Cameron: Where are these mythical minorities who are discriminating against white people? Your experiences don't invalidate those of minorities discriminated against by white people.
Me: Reginald Denny got stomped into a mudhole because he was a white guy in the wrong neighbourhood. Here's the Wikipedia link.
Cameron: (never responds)
Bob: I never said minorities people were not discriminated against. I'm saying that white people are discriminated against too.
Cameron: Racism against white people? Ask any minority, they'll tell you differently.
Me: I'm a minority, a Black immigrant, and I agree with him.
Cameron: Well, uh, white people have created the system that oppresses minorities-
Me: All of them? Blaming all white people for stuff some of them did would be like blaming every black person for the Denny incident.
Cameron: Honest question: Is racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and whatever, do they still exist?
Me: People discriminate against whites. Men have a higher suicide rate and much lower chance of getting a female rapist or domestic abuser prosecuted or even charged. People think rich people are evil and out of touch. Bisexuals are discriminated against by gays. Yes, they exist, and they aren't just from majorities against minorities. In fact, when I look at your posts in this thread, you have literally never even mentioned the possibility that white people might have disadvantages because they are white.

There were also people calling Bob a troll. Did you know that if someone says something that makes you angry, they're a troll?
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Piece of publicity art shows Black Widow in a pose that shows off her butt.
Lots of discussion about the apparent sexism ensues.

Tumblr has hundreds if not thousands of posts drooling over Jeremy Renner's butt.
No one says a thing.
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You don't need to give them big words, for starters.

I read what's probably an unhealthy amount of fanfic. One of the trends I've noted is the whole smart people=big words thing, even when the character in question does not talk that way in canon. Notably, Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

As far as I can recall, almost every time Twilight appears, even if only for a few seconds, she

1. Learns something.
2. Teaches something.
3. Organizes something.
4. Tries to understand something.
5. Some combination of the above.

The show is remarkably consistent with this. Take "A Friend in Deed", where Twi shows up for about five minutes. She spends all of them reading a book or advising Pinkie Pie. That's 1, 2, and 4. These traits became even more important in Season 2, where Twilight became one of the main cast instead of the main character of the series. And since they couldn't resort to the old glasses+sweatervest=smart symbolism, they were forced to pay special attention to how they wrote Twi, especially since they couldn't have her busting out the big words on a show aimed mostly at kids. I can't really remember how Twilight was characterized in it, but Lilpip of "Fallout: Equestria" similarly shows herself to be a clever and resourceful protagonist by being clever and resourceful.

You know that gag where the smart person says something in technical language, and then the regular folks get others to explain it? MLP's used that gag exactly once in two entire seasons. But fanfic has her using big words all the time.

There is a reason the pollysyllabic genius is rarely the/a primary protagonist. Even Holmes has Watson. One notable exception is Cryptonomicon, which has two really smart guys, WW2 Cryptographer Lawrence Waterhouse and modern day computer guy Randy. Waterhouse is, as his dialogue, actions, and thought processes show, really smart. And more than a little eccentric. He doesn't talk quite the same way as everyone, but is still accessible. Even his contemporary, Marine Cpl. Bobby Shaftoe, is fairly smart himself. Randy is a 90s guy, and he talks just like everyone else unless it gets technical, and so, more or less, do his colleagues. Here's a sample of all three!
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I just got in an argument with someone on Youtube who said that people who cross the border illegally into the US aren't criminals.

Or course, they also said that crack cocaine only exists because drugs are illegal, and all the problems with drugs and prostitution are caused by them being illegal, so I'm assuming they ain't long on the smarts.
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Y'know, X-arielle? I saw her tumblr. Turns out she's gay.

I am now mildly uncomfortable with my criticism of her--no, wait, actually, I'm not. I'm sorry, shipping a 14-year old girl (Violet from the Incredibles) with a grown woman (Mirage) is creepy, end of story, regardless of the artist's preferences. It would be entirely hypocritical of me to claim otherwise. It would be a double standard, and I can't help but wonder how many of her fans rationalize her more questionable art with "she likes girls, so it's okay!" Even leaving aside the whole ephebophilia thing, she seems to have a bit of a fetish for what's euphemistically called "dub-con" by fanfic writers, "RAEP FACE" by 4chan, and "NOT OKAY" by scans_daily.

Well, when it's het.
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He doesn't know who Himmler is.

This is like claiming to know about American government under Bush and not knowing who Dick Cheney is.
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Last year we were given all kinds of [poo-poo] for the Duke Nukem booth babes. How could we allow women to be used as sex symbols just to sell a game? How could we allow them on the show floor in their school girl outfits while children and families were walking around? We were vilified for not kicking them off the show floor on the very first day. Now, exactly one year later I am also a monster, but now it’s because I am “punishing women” by asking them to cover up. I’ve been asked why I find the female body to be “obscene” and told that I must really hate women.

Hopefully you can see now why I find this so [gently caressing] ridiculous.

How about all of you that hate me get together and have your own conference. I need you to decide if half naked girls are empowered or exploited because I’m doing my [gently caressing] best here and it’s apparently always wrong. I swear to God I don’t understand how I’m supposed to know if I’m promoting the patriarchy or criminalizing the female body.
Incidentally, this was the same comic that was incorrectly accused of condoning rape, even long after they categorically denied that they condoned rape. They were also said to be ignoring complaints about the strip in question, when they specifically stopped selling t-shirts based on it because it would make people uncomfortable at PAX.

Everything you do is wrong? This is what it's like being famous, Mike. Get used to it.
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Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate. It privileges, [among other things], the interests of boys and men over the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of girls and women. It is subtle, insidious, and never more dangerous than when women passionately deny that they themselves are engaging in it.Ashley Judd Slaps Media in the Face for Speculation Over Her ‘Puffy’ Appearance

I'm kind of ambivalent about this. For on thing, I know that societal prejudice exists against men too. A woman getting raped is a tragedy, a man getting raped is a joke. A woman abused by a male SO is a victim, a man getting abused by his female SO is weak.

On the other hand, I do believe that the patriarchy, as defined in feminist discourse, has women participating too. For all it is used as a synonym for "men", any societal-level system of oppression has to have women participating in it. And despite the fact that the patriarchy is broadly defined as "the collective societal systems which privilege men over women", even when women are given advantages over men. For example, most teachers are women, yet when one hears about a teacher abusing a student, one thinks of a male perp. Men accused of rape are generally presumed to be guilty in the court of public opinion, and have their lives put under a microscope just like feminists claim the alleged victim is subject to. Yet when you bring this sort of thing up in feminist discussions, the cry rings out "the patriarchy hurts men to!" despite that being self-contradictory to the very concept. I've seen one feminist blog insist that the same horrible treatment they complained about a false rape accuser getting didn't really hurt the accused at all.

And if patriarchy privileges both men and women, then what's the point of making it a male-gendered term? I'd use "kyriarchy", but I really hate how social justice discussions tend to spring up new vocabulary like weeds. I prefer to just use "society".

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with Judd looking puffy, though.
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Pirating to protest SOPA is like blowing up an airport to protest the TSA.

The funny thing is that many of the "protestors" will cheerfully claim piracy can't or doesn't really hurt The Studios, while using piracy to try and hurt the studios.

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