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My face is not a rose.

It is also not white, but that's secondary to it not being a rose.

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1. The Translation.
2. This thread.
2b. This post, highlighting that thread.

Ferrari would be a super hot chick who just stands in the center of the room and whenever anyone touches her she lights their pants on fire.

Alfa would be an incredibly beautiful woman who looks amazing and then she takes a step forward and her legs fall off.

Ford would be a good looking girl, seemingly well balanced but she cant use her phone properly so you give her a bad rating

Chevy would be girl who used to be overweight, droll and just not nice. Now shes ok.
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ohn Lewis Xmas - the zenith accolade to racist advertising in Britain today. Another commercail that refused to show a black family as a British family Why ?,because the white masses can only relate positively to the white family they see reflected back. Is the John Lewis advert racist for never allowing a black family to represented or is the great British public racist for turning over the channel when too many black faces appear?

lovely advert? - lousy psychology !
kounterfeet 2 hours ago
This proves that even when Youtube comments are smart, they're still dumb.

This also proves that people can find Unfortunate Implications on things that aren't even actually in the things; there's a wank in the comments about how John Lewis supposedly caters to high class folks.

The thing about this ad is that you can just see the people who made it patting each other on the back and saying, "Aren't we clever?"
AdArmand 7 hours ago
No...I really can't.
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So you think the Catholic church, and the Pope as representative of that Church, infringes on people's rights over their own sexuality.


Then you say the Pope has no right to complain when Benneton photoshoops him in an ad kissing an Egyptian Imam.

In other words, you're saying he has no right to complain about other people infringing on his own rights about his sexuality.

That's kind of a contradiction.

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You complain about commercials where parents lie to their kids to get them to eat helthy food being some sort of Unfortunate Implication, and say that said commercials are actually advising parents not to teach their kids to eat healthy.

Leaving aside the usual tactic of extrapolating from a depiction of a single event to a statement about everything, ever:

Have you ever seen a child?

Or better yet, have you ever been a child?

Going to eat a bacon sammich
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TVTropes has this on the "Unfortunate Implications: Ads" page.

I'm not sure how it's an "implication" when "she's stalking him" is the premise of both the commercial and the very dark joke, but I guess you know best, TVTropes.
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Seriously, I've seen an American version of this for Yoplait or something. Nooot as good.
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Thank goodness! I don't know I could've gone another year without another entry in the Big Momma's House franchise!


Clearly, Martin needs to do something to pay the bills while he waits for Bad Boys 3.
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Surprise transvestite!

Would you believe this isn't a British-only spot? The short version is even more surprising.
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Just a cute ad about how school can promote individuality, right? Wrong.

A Target commercial begins with triplet girls who are attired in school uniforms eating breakfast and going off to school. Then throughout the school day their outfits morph until they exit the school in brightly colored outfits of the same style but different colors. The unfortunate implication from this commercial, due to the expressions used throughout the day and the song playing throughout the commercial, is that every child who attends a school where school uniforms are worn is a cookie-cutter conformist and the only way to show your individuality is to wear "regular" clothing, even though every child coming out of the school is wearing similar styles of "regular" clothing. There is also a second, possible unfortunate implication in that it says the only way to express one's individual spirit is through outward appearances, disregarding anything internal.
I'm just surprised they didn't manage to find an excuse to use the word "heteronormative" or "paradigm".

And if you can look closely at the ad, the school doesn't actually wear uniforms. Those are just three identically dressed triplets.
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Dashing Rogue + Hair Ninja Girl

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So the troopers have both high-ground and ranged weaponry against an opponent who largely deals in melee attacks, but their battle plan requires them to actually run up to the Sith and try to shoot them.

Nice to see they have the same high standards for training and intelligence as their successors.
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Imagine my surprise when I was in Benigan's and I realized that Royal Pains had a rapping ad for Season 2.

Imagine my further surprise when I get to a computer and I find there was a Wrap Rap for Season 1.

Their noses are awesome.
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I can't find the English version, but if you haven't seen it, it goes something like this; "Poker is like a dance. You need to know when to move, when to separate, when to fling your partner into the endless void from which time sprang."

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