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I Have the Worst Dog
by *hellcorpceo on deviantART

This is why I'm a cat person.

>implying cats don't do this
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by ~Exploding-Zombies on deviantART
Actually, nowadays nerds are either neckbeards or straight-A students. You never see people running around with pocket protectors any more.

Edit: Lots of people seem to have misunderstood what I'm trying to say with this comic. I'm not saying nerds can't be attractive. There are plenty of attractive nerds out there, however the people in the bottom picture are just regular scene/hipster/whateveristrendyrightnow kids who aren't nerds at all. They just like wearing thick rimmed classes because they want to be unique snowflakes.
I was a nerd before it was all cool. Still am, to a certain extent.

And I wear my now-battered black glasses because a)they go with everything, and b)I think I look good in them.

I do find it ironic that people accusing others of doing X just to be hipsters has itself become a meme. I mean in the same sense language is a meme, not the way lolcats are a meme. I appreciate X properly, thinks the threatened nerd, not ironically like they're doing.
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You know when it becomes obvious an artist can only really draw one pose of one character type, but with different hair?


At least it's slightly more varied than my own PELVIC THRUST.
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Ariel and Megara aren't in the same movie. They've never met. They don't even live in the same century. The best you can do is say that they're both Disney Princesses—you're just creepy all day, aren't you?

I mean, seriously, I was just looking for The Incredibles fanart. Which is nice, until you remember that Violet is a shy, teenage girl, and Mirage is a wanted criminal who wouldn't be allowed anywhere near their house, and Violet's head is larger than canon making her look even younger than her 14 years. The next piece in the series implies they slept together. At this point, you'd have to, I dunno, include my little sister and my dog to creep me out any more than this already does. And my dog is dead.

And then there's this pregnancy dude. Preggers fetish? Mildly creepy. Photoshopping pics of models or pinups? Somewhat creepy. Downloading random pictures from Facebook to photoshop? You have now reached maximum CREEPAR ALART.
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>Struggling for somewhere to look, for something to say or do, eyes of brilliant azure drew to a stain, amorphous and varnished into the heavy stone - no larger than a flannel's breadth - and dark enough to be.
>Shuffling clumsily and handling the stale stone how a mutt treasures its favourite toy in the aftermath of an epic tug-battle.

I like how they manage to write several paragraphs with a lot more words than usual, but without a single action verb.
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>24 images per page on search results
>1 tickling fetish pic
>1 bikini pic
>2 fat/feeder fetish pics
>1 Alyx Vance/Chell slashpic based on that Tanya Chalkin lesbians photo
>1 encasement bondage pic

Honestly, I'm surprised that there aren't more foot fetish pics-WHOOPS IT'S THE FIRST RESULT MAYBE
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The sad thing is that this and the previous post aren't the first time I've seen boobepedes.
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I hate to sound like Judgey McJudgerson over here, but how do you even get this fetish in the first place? The fat part is fairly easy to find, but the fingers and toes? And more importantly, who keeps commissioning it? I'm going to have to revise my pricing scheme.

It's amazing what *doesn't* qualify as porn on deviantART. (NSFW) )
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Sonjaahhh by Cribs-deviantART

I like this. Not because it has BIG BEWBS, or the artist's clear skill, but of how ridiculously over-the-top the artist made it. Compare to an earlier, more subdued* piece, and notice the difference between the overmuscled Liefeldian monstrosity disguised as a woman. It also makes a nice change from the character's usual "she's slaying monsters...sexily" portrayals.

*By fantasy pulp-art pinup standards, anyway.
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There's a part of me that's always conflicted at these sorts of things. Specifically, there's an irritating "stop having fun guys" part of me that insists that drawing from photos, like this artist specializes in, is "cheating". Another part of me says that he's obviously talented at freehand, and that the first part is just jealous.
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There's also a pic from Ian McConville that inspired me when I drew this, like, a year and change ago, but the old MacHall site is semi-borked.
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