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b355 Stephanie Rogers
by ~u63r on deviantART

I’m not sure if this is inspired by Captain America, or supposed to be his grand-niece or something.

Whatever it is, I had intended to finish it for the 4th. WHERPS.

Compare and Contrast: Summergirl.
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Dan Bull - Dear Lily [an open letter to Lily Allen]


Dan Bull - Wall Street Spirit

Me: Dan, you support Occupy Wall Street, right?
Bull: Yes.
Me: Do you agree with the idea that there should be a redress of power away from "the 1%", and towards "the 99%"?
Bull: Yes.
Me: In other words, you believe the majority should have more power than the minority.
Bull: Yes.
Me: You are aware that the people who favor abolishment of intellectual property are a vast minority?
Bull: Where are you going with this?
Me: Why aren't you answering the question?
Bull: I want to know where you're going with this.
Me: I want to know why you're not answering the question.

The idea of the abolishment of intellectual property is so laughable I can't even begin to spork it. I especially like the self-righteous, sanctimonious reasoning that not letting him send her songs to his friends loses her some fans. Because artists can pay rent with appreciation. You don't get to choose which of other people's rights they should and should not have, Dan. You give your music away for free, Dan. If someone burned it, slapped a label on, and started selling it in stores without paying you a sou, I bet your tune would change in a hurry. You couldn't even honestly sic your fans on them for some Internet justice without being a hypocrite, but I don't think self-deception troubles you overmuch.

The funny thing is, I have never heard someone say they decided copyright was bunk before they started being a pirate.

Incidentally, one of my problems with OWS is their lack of clear goals that can be agreed upon by a significant number of the movement, much less addressing means by which to achieve those goals, as well as the way their apparent desire for self-righteous martyrdom is prioritized over any desire for real reform.

This whole debate arose because of a proposed law that would lock people out of the internet after three strikes for piracy. I am ambivalent towards it, and the question of enforcing such a law seriously worries me, but that does not mean it is not well-intentioned.
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"Honor Harrington 1: On Basilisk Station" US Cover


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"Honor Harrington 1: On Basilisk Station" French Cover

For that matter, compare even the original US cover and its French Counterpart for the gaudy jewels Baen US seems to favor. Did they decide that they needed something they could slap foil over to attract the neckbeards? Do they think American science-fiction fans have the same appetites as magpies? And why do the French covers consistently look just plain cooler than the western counterparts? I want a book I won't be ashamed to read in public, Baen.

Don't you read these books in ebook format?

Well, yes, but I've bought hard copies of some of them!

...Actually, the first Vorksagian omnibuses I have aren't half bad. The regular ones are often terrible, I'm told. Baen has standard to live down to, after all.
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This is the cover for "Cordelia's Honor", the first book in the award-winning, best selling Vorkosagian Saga.
This is the cover of "A Hymn Before Battle", the first book in John Ringo's Posleen war series. The bulk of the story a tightly-plotted, exhaustively researched military drama about humanity being hired to fight the Horde of Alien Locusts known as the Posleen by alien species who can offer them all sorts of wonderful new technology, and humanity's reactions to the information and gearing up to fight.

Image Hosted by

The large-breasted woman is a legendary Special Forces vet who spends months in alien jungles gathering recon on the Posleen which turns out to be useless, yet seems to have forgotten any significant sort of camouflage above the waist, or even to cut her long, luxurious hair short. To be fair, her comrade in arms seems to have decided bright green is an ideal concealment color, to go with the conspicuously laser sighted guns they did not use in the book. It's a B-plot, at best.
"Gust Front": The Posleen show up when humanity is still putting on its makeup, so to speak. Earth scrambles to mount an effective defense.

Image Hosted by

This looks like some kind of fanart a kid on deviantART whipped up.
Let's jump a few years, to "Cally's War", about a young woman who becomes an stealth agent for the resistance against the horde of alien Loan Sharks who are trying to screw Earth over. She was trained by her dad and grandad, is officially dead, and is probably the second deadliest woman in existence.
Image Hosted by
Naturally, her favored choice of armour is low-cut space-leather and an space-M4 with a muffler on the end.

For some reason, the Posleen War books don't sell as well as the Saga.
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Orson Welles, director and star of "Citizen Kane"


Christopher Nolan

I think the pictures speak for themselves, ladies and gentlemen.
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Florence + The Machine - "Drumming Song"

Beyonce - "Single Ladies"

Both somewhat NSFW, unless your workplace has no problem with you watching attractive women with great legs.
mcity: (Default) ad scanned from the Jan. 2001 issue of Yahoo! Internet Life

with 2010 Super Bowl Danica Patrick commercial

Wow, they didn't even have the stupid logo yet!
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The Fray - "Syndicate"


Michael Rosenbaum

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"Dodge Ram: My Tank Is Full" vs "I Am Jeep"

I'd probably patronize the product that doesn't tell me how much I suck for watching the very media it is presented in.
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Morningwood - Best of Me


Morningwood - Best of Me (Daisy of Love Promo)

I actually prefer the DoL version. On the one hand, it's got Daisy. On the other, it does not have GRATUITOUS BISEXUALS LOL(tvtropes).
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Lady Gaga - LoveGame

Britney Spears - Toxic
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Battlestar Galactica - "All Along the Watchtower"


The Pussycat Dolls - "I Hate This Part"

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The image is also a link!

Or: )

I'm fairly certain that's Gordon from Sesame Street in the hot tub.

EDIT: Apparently, the sages of YouTube are dropping a collective brick over this series of spots' resemblance to the opening credits of Juno. Let's 'ave a bit of the ol' Compare and Contrast, shall we?

Read more... )
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Tyson Ritter, Frontman, The All-American Rejects

Free Image Hosting at
Charles Best, Philanthropist

If you don't see it, try watching this video.(region locked)
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Coldplay-"Lovers in Japan"



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There's also a pic from Ian McConville that inspired me when I drew this, like, a year and change ago, but the old MacHall site is semi-borked.
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Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues


"Weird Al" Yankovic - Bob (parody)


John Mellencamp - My Sweet Love
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Rihanna's Disturbia and Limp Bizkit's Behind Blue Eyes.

I finally figured out who Ms. Fenty's new haircut reminded me of; Halle Berry, circa Catwoman.

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