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Apparently, making jokes about how Sherlock and John's relationship can easily and reasonably be seen as homosexual is homophobic or something. Oh, and since John and Sherlock act like spouses, they should just be spouses. Of course, there's the minor fact that John has explicitly denied being gay or involved with Sherlock, and has had multiple straight relationships over the course of the series, and no known gay relationships. But those are just details to the dedicated slasher.

They also asserted that making Watson a woman in Elementary is "whitewashing" because it eliminates the chance for sexy gay funtimes. I'm not sure in which dictionary turning a white male character into a female Asian one is whitewashing. Maybe they could explain it to me, in words that people regularly use in conversational English, and not social justice blogs.
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I got paid for some prints today.

That makes me officially a professional artist.

I suppose I'd better go change my deviantART status WHOOPS I ALREADY DID.

That said, I did something I regret today. I got a little snippy to someone I shouldn't have, because I was pissed off at myself for making a mistake.

Also, I find myself getting pulled right back in to the Social Justice on Tumblr, when I should be Working on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magical Girl project I'm on.
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b355 Stephanie Rogers
by ~u63r on deviantART

I’m not sure if this is inspired by Captain America, or supposed to be his grand-niece or something.

Whatever it is, I had intended to finish it for the 4th. WHERPS.

Compare and Contrast: Summergirl.
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Fic thanks its beta readers.
Latest chapter has about a dozen grammar errors that would've been noticed by any reasonably-alert seventh-grader, including basic tense usage.
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Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes announced in March 2007.

BBC's Sherlock announced in August 2008.

Elementary announced in late 2011, and is promptly decried as a ripoff by fans of the BBC's Sherlock.

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There are two more on the next page.

I think this means I'm a BNF now. BRB, gotta go hit up fans for an iPod.

(Seriously, where are these people coming from?)
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Now available on and SpaceBattles.

This isn't actually the fic I was kvetching about. This is just something I had the idea for after I got back from Church. The actual fic may be a while.
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You don't need to give them big words, for starters.

I read what's probably an unhealthy amount of fanfic. One of the trends I've noted is the whole smart people=big words thing, even when the character in question does not talk that way in canon. Notably, Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

As far as I can recall, almost every time Twilight appears, even if only for a few seconds, she

1. Learns something.
2. Teaches something.
3. Organizes something.
4. Tries to understand something.
5. Some combination of the above.

The show is remarkably consistent with this. Take "A Friend in Deed", where Twi shows up for about five minutes. She spends all of them reading a book or advising Pinkie Pie. That's 1, 2, and 4. These traits became even more important in Season 2, where Twilight became one of the main cast instead of the main character of the series. And since they couldn't resort to the old glasses+sweatervest=smart symbolism, they were forced to pay special attention to how they wrote Twi, especially since they couldn't have her busting out the big words on a show aimed mostly at kids. I can't really remember how Twilight was characterized in it, but Lilpip of "Fallout: Equestria" similarly shows herself to be a clever and resourceful protagonist by being clever and resourceful.

You know that gag where the smart person says something in technical language, and then the regular folks get others to explain it? MLP's used that gag exactly once in two entire seasons. But fanfic has her using big words all the time.

There is a reason the pollysyllabic genius is rarely the/a primary protagonist. Even Holmes has Watson. One notable exception is Cryptonomicon, which has two really smart guys, WW2 Cryptographer Lawrence Waterhouse and modern day computer guy Randy. Waterhouse is, as his dialogue, actions, and thought processes show, really smart. And more than a little eccentric. He doesn't talk quite the same way as everyone, but is still accessible. Even his contemporary, Marine Cpl. Bobby Shaftoe, is fairly smart himself. Randy is a 90s guy, and he talks just like everyone else unless it gets technical, and so, more or less, do his colleagues. Here's a sample of all three!
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Remember when I ranted about someone going "Thank you, Mr. Exposition" in a fanfic? Apparently, it's a thing. (TVTropes) Specifically, a reference to a Slappy Squirrel bit from Animaniacs. Thing is, on Animaniacs, everyone is aware they're in a cartoon. You can't just break the fourth wall or lampshade things whenever you want, and constantly doing so lets the audience know that you are unwilling or unable to improve the flaws (TVTropes). There's nothing wrong with exposition, only when it's poorly done. It is necessary for someone to tell someone else something in just about every story. If you don't think you can write it in a compelling manner, consider the following;
  • Who is explaining?
  • How are they doing it? How do they phrase and summarize things?
  • Who are they explaining it to?
  • What reactions does their audience have, verbal and otherwise?
  • Can this information be summarized, in whole or in part, by the narration, or is there vital, specific information in there?
I had some of this in mind when I wrote inPrototype 1-03., and managed to summarize the situation pretty efficiently in just one paragraph (after the break), while still leaving room for Zeke to clarify any specific points I didn't cover. Wasn't on purpose, but it worked anyway. It's still very weird to occasionally learn that I'm slightly more clever than I normally think I am.
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Y'know, X-arielle? I saw her tumblr. Turns out she's gay.

I am now mildly uncomfortable with my criticism of her--no, wait, actually, I'm not. I'm sorry, shipping a 14-year old girl (Violet from the Incredibles) with a grown woman (Mirage) is creepy, end of story, regardless of the artist's preferences. It would be entirely hypocritical of me to claim otherwise. It would be a double standard, and I can't help but wonder how many of her fans rationalize her more questionable art with "she likes girls, so it's okay!" Even leaving aside the whole ephebophilia thing, she seems to have a bit of a fetish for what's euphemistically called "dub-con" by fanfic writers, "RAEP FACE" by 4chan, and "NOT OKAY" by scans_daily.

Well, when it's het.
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Oh, sweet, an artist on deviantART with an unusual style who draws My Little Pony fanart, among other things. Let me just check out their gallery-

*finds MLP smut*

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Pinkie Holmes
by ~u63r on deviantART


Drawn after “Mmmystery on the Friendship Express”.
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>stumble upon an Ask tumblr depicting Fluttershy from MLP: FiM as a sort of dog.

Okay, as long as she's still cu-

>a hermaphrodite dog


>a sentient hermaphrodite dog


>with several detailed drawings of her sheath


>and erotic drawings of her erect pony dick
>and she likes to hump things
>and has sex with humanized versions of the mane cast

That's it. I'm going to burn the Internet down.
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"These are no longer Protheans," EDI replied. "There are signs of extensive genetic rewrite: Reduced heterochromatin structure, deletion of superfluous 'junk' genes, and the phrase 'U GOT REAPED LOL' encoded into their genome."


For the record, Mass Effect: Interregnum, covering what Garrus did while Shep was dead in ME2, does shout outs so much better. I generally prefer to put mine in where the story happens to have room for them, like when Alex needed an alias in inPrototype and I chose "Sly Cooper". Broadly speaking, if you can't remove or replace  the reference without the story ceasing to make sense, it's too vital. If you need to know what the shout-out is in order to make sense of what its doing in the story, it's too vital.

In ME:I, there's a scene where Garrus and co get their hands on weapons reminiscent of those from Team Fortress 2, even discussing how much it costs to fire the weapon. This helps to underline the amount of money their employer has. Thing is, it's not a one-off. Garrus keeps thinking of how expensive the mini is during the following action sequence. It's integrated into the story, and can be understood even if one doesn't catch the reference. It's not just some joke shoved in without consideration for whether it fits the tone or not.

Project Gethinator is a light-hearted story, but it at least supposedly has a serious core. Think some of the latter Discworld books. Once you stop portraying the Reapers as an ancient and incomprehensibly powerful force--think space robot Cthulhu--and reduce them to the level of a script kiddie from 4Chan, you might as well be writing a crackfic.

Imagine, say, Inception, or the Dark Knight. Now imagine the dudes from the Hangover suddenly show up. It's not going to work very well.
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Note that they specifically acknowledge that they knew Korra would never be gay.

It's also very sad that one's only interest in the show was that one thought it might have a lesbian in it. Or at least an asexual you can pretend is really lesbian. This is just as shallow as someone choosing not to watch a show because it has gay people in it. Heck, I'm a conservative Christian, and my default reaction to gay characters is "ehh", unless it reaches fanfic levels of the new guy being the morally ambiguous bisexual former lover/professional partner of the main character who finds his estranged (also evil) brother and wears a ridiculous coat with no shirt.

And that's why I don't watch Torchwood.
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Pick a story. Any story. Now use your spacebar or Page Down to scroll. Notice anything?

Yes, that's right, that stupid bar always covers the first few lines. So you have to constantly scroll up to keep reading those few lines. There's a reason keeps those options parked at the top of the page, where they can't interfere.

And that's not the only usability flaw. The header takes up over half the vertical space of the screen, and there's no way to turn it off or minimize it that I've found. So if you're, say, in the options section, clicking a link to a new subsection means scrolling down every single time. It doesn't use AJAX to switch between sections without having to load a new page, but it does use Javascript to make what should be an unobtrusive page element obtrusive.

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Pinkie Pie's strange abilities, such as breaking the fourth wall and behaving like an archetypical cartoon character, only work when it would be funny.

Which is not the same as your apparent belief that her using them automatically makes things funny.

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"When you see this movie, kids are going to believe one day these turtles actually do exist when we are done with this movie," said Michael Bay as he took the stage to discuss his new vision for the reptilian reboot. "These turtles are from an alien race, and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely loveable."
The funny thing is that the franchise always had a load of aliens and sci-fi, and the goo that turned the turtles into mutants in the comic turned out to be from a research institute run by aliens. There was a whole arc about it. Yet fanboys are absolutely flipping their wigs. They are buying wigs in order to flip them. I am schadenfreuding so hard.

This is just another example of people saying Hollywood is original, then complaining when they change something in a way they don't like. And then there's the possibility that Bay meant "alien race" as in "strange and weird race".

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