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Now available on and SpaceBattles.

This isn't actually the fic I was kvetching about. This is just something I had the idea for after I got back from Church. The actual fic may be a while.
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I'll have Chapter three ready in 2017.

Hopefully, I'll have kissed a girl by then.

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"So, what were you up to last night?" said John, as he sat down to his laptop. "You didn't come in before I went to bed."

Sherlock yawned. "Worried about me? I'm a big boy, John. I can write my own checks and everything."

"As your doctor, I have to recommend that you get a healthy amount of sleep. Or any amount of sleep. Any at all."

"Nothing strenuous. Just a little bondage."

"Ah. Did someone handcuff you to a radiator again?"

"No, I wasn't the one restrained."

"Ah. So you were the one doing the handcuffing."

"No, she was already restrained when I got there."

His roommate turned from his computer, locked his hands around his mug as if to protect it from whatever Sherlock was about to say, and looked him in the eye.


It's not smutty. Not exactly.

I really like this format, where it's just two people talking to each other. That was basically the premise for one of my most popular fics. Just banter, banter, banter. I'm not sure how it'll hold up over a longer format, but that's what I'm going to find out.
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>he's working for SHIELD, teams up with other heroes, deals with legacy of his parents, etc.
>write up extensive document with ideas and plot outlines for three "seasons"
>today, find out about the new Ultimate Spider-Man series
>it's about Spider-Man working for SHIELD and with other heroes, dealing with legacy of his parents

i don't even
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I did this by splitting up what was going to be Chapter 1-02 into Chp 1-02 and 1-03.

Don't look at me like that. It was 14 pages when I split, and that was before I even finished it. Now I have an 8 pg chapter I can plop on FF.n and the LJ comm the second I finish the commentary.

Then go back a day later to correct all my misspellings.
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Y'know, what with her black belt and experience in several martial disciplines and all.
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Here we go.

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in this sort of thing, please refer it to them. Thanks.
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Random Spartan has to help ODSTs and regular soldiers fight a guerilla war against the Covenant after their ship crashes. Their MJOLNIR armour may or may not be too badly damaged in the crash to remain operational, depending on the writer's preference. Since the Covvies' ship was damaged too, they can't leave or signal for help, and are waiting for backup to arrive.

Anyway, the good guys have to train the citizens to defend themselves, make the hard choices, occasionally sacrifice citizens as a distraction so they can succeed elsewhere. Neither side is exactly happy about this. The Spartan grows closer to the regular soldiers, so it actually hurts him/her when they die.

Incidentally, Jackals eat the flesh of fallen enemies and live prisoners, as one might expect from the name. So defeated humans might kill themselves to avoid capture.

I'm not sure if the Covvies would have the one city on the planet or what, but the whole thing would be like the New Caprica arc on Battlestar Galactica, or The Enemy of my Enemy fic. Something like that. Actually, that wouldn't be too different from the original Halo, if the Pillar of Autumn had somehow come out of Slipspace near an occupied planet instead of Halo.

Blah blah, IEDs and last-resort suicide vests, blah blah, gritty realism, blah blah.
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inFamous/Prototype mashup.

A man wakes up on a morgue slab with no idea who he is. His toe tag says "Alex J. Cole", there are strange men after him, and he was apparently at ground zero during a terrorist attack. Naturally, the military has sealed the island where the attack took place, as well as the two adjacent islands. Cut off from the world, the people of this part of Empire city are going to have to fend for themselves against feral gangs, strange creatures, an army of transients, and some of the military themselves. What they need is a hero. What Cole needs is to find who he was and what happened.

This is a really bad idea. Not because I don't like writing--I do--or because I don't think I'm up for it--I am--or because the idea itself is flawed, it's just that I have a lot of crap to write. I have a fics dating back to 2005 I've yet to finish, and that's not to mention all the actual original stories I have ideas for, including a book I've been working on in one form or another since 2001, or my art, or my schoolwork(not necessarily in that order). To do the concept it justice, I'd basically have to write an entire novel.

...Chapters one and two are mostly done.

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Recently, srs has been posting a few thoughts on the Wonder Woman TV Series. Which reminded me that I've been meaning to post some of the fanfic outlines I've been working on. Let's start with Wonder Woman: Ambassador(The file says it was last updated in August, which feels wrong) , which would be the fanfic version of a Joss Whedon movie.

No, seriously. Here's the cast;

Starring Bridget Regan
Alan Tudyk
Charisma Carpenter
Rosario Dawson
Emily Blunt
and Marina Sirtis
Directed by Joss Whedon

The only A-list actor in there is Rosario Dawson, and she's a secondary character. Though since Joss likes recycling, he'd probably just cast Gina Torres.

Anyway, Hippolyta (Marina Sirtis) is the Theymiscran ambassador to the UN. Embassy full of women, Diana is officially an "aide". Strong warrior, but insecure in the Patriarch's World.
Joss Whedon.

Anyway, she's riding in an SUV with her mom after a UN session, and they have a bonding talk, and Di gets out of the SUV, walks a few feet away, and it explodes with her mum in. She turns with a cry, and as the Amazon bodyguards try to keep her away from the flames, scanning for assassins, the credits start.

the plot proceeds apiece. Spoilers, if I ever write the thing. )
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It says something that a film I think was merely "decent" is one I am perfectly willing to write spoilery fic for. Of course, my opinion of it can't be improved by having to trudge a good way across town.

Too be honest, the movie is fairly good. More so if you're actually a tron fan, pretty lights and noises if you're not. In the latter case, you might want to catch up using this video. There's a lot of religious symbolism, and the acting is generally pretty good, and it's Jeff Bridged being Jeff Bridges, so he's automatically watchable. Really, it was worth the seven quid.

Though the hot dog wasn't worth the £4.50.


Jul. 20th, 2010 08:42 pm
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Fandom: Inception
Rating: G.
Comments: One afternoon. This may be the fastest I've ever written a fic.

Leo sat down at his kitchen table. Caine was already there, a small glass full of ice and some amber liquid which cast patterns on the wall as late afternoon light cut through the windows.

"I've always meant to tell you," said the older man, "that I admire your view."

spoilers, maybe? )


Jul. 4th, 2010 07:55 pm
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Miles to go
"Blow out the candles," Miles urged. Hope grinned up at Papa and leaned over the table. Everybody clapped, everyone smiled.
Sully had a good head on his shoulders, Quaritch admitted to himself. Good tactical thinking with the Banshees, though he couldn't fidure out why the traitor had kept his heavy hitters in the back of the line.

You and the Cap'n (working title)
"The news says he's a "triumph of American ingenuity, sticktoitive-ness, and advanced science". Some say he's the last survivor of an alien race, stuffed in a rocket as a child and sent from his doomed homeworld. Some say they assembled him at OSS out of body parts of dead GIs, got him stitched together by Doc Frankenstein, and bought him to life by a lightning bolt. All we know is, he's called Captain America, and he's decided to join our little coffee group." He held the hilt of his knife up to Cap like a reporter's mike. "So, Captain, what brings you out here?"
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Nicely done Se7en/Paltrow reference there.
Well, I did make a Se7en reference,

What's in the box, Pepper, what's in the box?" Tony said in his worst Brad Pitt impression, and Pepper hid a smile.
and I saw the movie, but I don't recall what it has to do with Paltrow—

IMDb - Full Cast and Crew for Se7en (1995)
Brad Pitt ... Detective David Mills
Morgan Freeman ... Detective Lt. William Somerset
Gwyneth Paltrow ... Tracy Mills
Uploaded with


Oh wow.
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The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

There was no time, thought Pickett, as he huddled behind a crate. There was no way he could make it to boat and rescue Ingrid. It would either be the girl, or the shipment.

He peeked around the crate, and found the decision had been made for him. Lewis was strong-arming Ingrid onto the boat, the reporter's camera dangling from his shoulder. Pickett swore-quietly. He had told her to stay away from the case, that there were things she just wouldn't understand. She had set her jaw and given him that look, the one that made his stomach turn end-over-end--he was never sure if it was because of she was, well, her, or because she was going to get him into trouble again.

Sure enough, Pickett thought as he smiled grimly to himself, she had. He rose from his hiding place, and put the last bit of juice he had into a Barrier. The rain pounding down on the dockyard started to slide off the air around him, but it couldn't do anything about the water that had already soaked him to his underpants.

He checked to make sure the charm that kept his 38 dry was still working, then rose and started towards the boat's loading ramp.

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