Jan. 21st, 2012

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>google it
>there's a wikipedia page on the postal history of the Bahamas

Of course there is!
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"So, what were you up to last night?" said John, as he sat down to his laptop. "You didn't come in before I went to bed."

Sherlock yawned. "Worried about me? I'm a big boy, John. I can write my own checks and everything."

"As your doctor, I have to recommend that you get a healthy amount of sleep. Or any amount of sleep. Any at all."

"Nothing strenuous. Just a little bondage."

"Ah. Did someone handcuff you to a radiator again?"

"No, I wasn't the one restrained."

"Ah. So you were the one doing the handcuffing."

"No, she was already restrained when I got there."

His roommate turned from his computer, locked his hands around his mug as if to protect it from whatever Sherlock was about to say, and looked him in the eye.


It's not smutty. Not exactly.

I really like this format, where it's just two people talking to each other. That was basically the premise for one of my most popular fics. Just banter, banter, banter. I'm not sure how it'll hold up over a longer format, but that's what I'm going to find out.
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Surprisingly accurate.

The telephone rang.

Jason Wilkins roused himself out of his dough-and-flour-addled stupor, and gazed at the ringing noise emanating from the receiver. He was tall, even for an American, this despite his father's very average height and his mother's petite build. Some had suggested -- in hushed tones and never to his face, of course -- that it was because his mother had long ago taken an ... interest in the very tall mailman who'd graced their neighborhood mail delivery route for so many years. Mail delivery was one of those necessary evils of modern American life; a citizen could send his friends and colleagues e-mail faxes that arrived in the blink of an eye, but there was always the reactionary old contingent who'd never wanted to bother with these "modern contraptions" who insisted on writing letters on paper and sending them through the antiquated network of delivery trucks and post offices, and so long as this contingent existed the mail would also have to exist.
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Really? Really? They're "ripping off" a franchise that has had two very successful adaptations in recent memory? One that's in the public domain? One just about every single fictional detective since owes something to?

Think about it; how many successful "brilliant investigator who irritates people" series' have there been in the past 15 years? House, Psych, the Psych spinoff The Mentalist, Monk, Bones, upcoming Bones spinoff The Finder, CSI, CSI spinoff CSI: Sunglasses, etc. I'm more concerned about it getting lost in the noise, like that joke about someone going to see Hamlet and describing it as a bunch of famous quotes strung together. Unless it has something really special, something to distinguish it from that other show in New York where the two leads have gobs of sexual tension, It'll be a needle in a pinstack.

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