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In addition to the nightmarish skull, I've also found that Florence, in the poster, is about eight or nine heads high. I know she's tall, and I know she has legs out to next week, but I'm calling shenanigans.
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Breakup song by a man: Man, I'm sorry.

Breakup song by a woman: He's a sorry excuse for a man.

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Insert jokes about the Daily Mail here.

In the age of Lady Gaga's stunts and Nicki Minaj's multi-coloured hair, it's hard for young talent to stand out from the crowd.

Short of dressing like a bank manager, there's almost nowhere left to go...
Well, it worked for Tank Girl. How about shocking by not shocking?

I dunno, Kesha, wouldn't it be a nice change to go out looking like someone who could actually hold down a day job?
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>flips off the show's organizers
>they have to apologize

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>musician on YT has a great new video out


>video was basically paid for in full by a known scumbag currently charged with enough crimes to sent him to jail for 50 years if convicted


>musician says they don't care what the media says, they consider the scumbag a friend



Jan. 18th, 2012 07:44 pm
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Watch the Serlock Series 2 finale.

Then watch and listen to this music video.

Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light

Then boggle.
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White family. Mixed scrubland/savannah. Driving on the left, English on t-shirts. Not in the US. Most likely somewhere in the British commonwealth or former British colony. Recent video, warm climate present in the Southern Hemisphere. Areas most likely with English as first language and the requisite biomes are are Australia and New Zealand. Quick check on the band's website reveals they are, in fact, Aussies. If forced to guess one from the video, would've gone with Australia because better odds by population.

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>look up one of my childhood musicians on YouTube
>comments say one of the members raped a 14-year old
>wikipedia says the band broke up when he plead guilty to raping one of the background singers

Well, that's another fond memory gone. Hopefully, I'll be out entirely by summer break.
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Dan Bull - Dear Lily [an open letter to Lily Allen]


Dan Bull - Wall Street Spirit

Me: Dan, you support Occupy Wall Street, right?
Bull: Yes.
Me: Do you agree with the idea that there should be a redress of power away from "the 1%", and towards "the 99%"?
Bull: Yes.
Me: In other words, you believe the majority should have more power than the minority.
Bull: Yes.
Me: You are aware that the people who favor abolishment of intellectual property are a vast minority?
Bull: Where are you going with this?
Me: Why aren't you answering the question?
Bull: I want to know where you're going with this.
Me: I want to know why you're not answering the question.

The idea of the abolishment of intellectual property is so laughable I can't even begin to spork it. I especially like the self-righteous, sanctimonious reasoning that not letting him send her songs to his friends loses her some fans. Because artists can pay rent with appreciation. You don't get to choose which of other people's rights they should and should not have, Dan. You give your music away for free, Dan. If someone burned it, slapped a label on, and started selling it in stores without paying you a sou, I bet your tune would change in a hurry. You couldn't even honestly sic your fans on them for some Internet justice without being a hypocrite, but I don't think self-deception troubles you overmuch.

The funny thing is, I have never heard someone say they decided copyright was bunk before they started being a pirate.

Incidentally, one of my problems with OWS is their lack of clear goals that can be agreed upon by a significant number of the movement, much less addressing means by which to achieve those goals, as well as the way their apparent desire for self-righteous martyrdom is prioritized over any desire for real reform.

This whole debate arose because of a proposed law that would lock people out of the internet after three strikes for piracy. I am ambivalent towards it, and the question of enforcing such a law seriously worries me, but that does not mean it is not well-intentioned.
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The Rastafarian movement often decries "Babylon", often equated to the establishment, and the greed and materialism of the Institution. It's roughly analogous to The Man.

Prominent dead Rasta, Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley, has coffee with his name on it.
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I'm still not sure what route to Spain takes them through Switzerland, China, then England.
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>arguing with Moon Landing denier
>use the Razzle-Dazzle video from Chicago, above to mock him
>post deleted by his pet mod
>later mention how he managed to change the subject by "successfully razzle-dazzling" everyone
>he removes context, as usual, and puts it in his sig as a sign of triumph

Now I just want to see how long it takes him before he realizes that the song I was referencing is about a lawyer's horse puckey.
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Florence Welch has an odd tendency to stand astride my button and punch it as hard as possible.

Given that her legs and voice punch...another button entirely, this can be somewhat confusing for the people in my brain who interpret the button signals.


Feb. 17th, 2011 08:35 pm
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Every time I hear Katy Perry's "Firework", I think of the two dudes kissing.

You'd think it would be the sparkler boobs, but nope.

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