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The SA Goons mock him openly. In the style of Rucks

Saw him day after day, starin' at that infernal machine. Starin' at that li'l views number next to his li'l internet show. Wonderin' why no one was watchin'. Hurt me inside, seeing the Kid so confounded by that drat number. Told him it didn't matter. Told him there were a million other things he could be doin'. But the Kid never was one to be orderin' his priorities properly. Never looked at me. Never looked at the girl, drat near broke her heart. Just the views number, 's all he saw. But it never rose. Kid pressed F5 once, twice, again and again. It never rose.
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Team Fashion 2 - Heavy
by ~u63r on deviantART

I...I kind of want that messenger bag now.

This is what happens when I discover Console to Closet.

Her original head was based on Regina Spektor, and she still has Dem Cheekbones, but I found the first version a little too, um, terrifying.

No, I don't know if I'm doing any more.
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According to people around the Internet, the husband is still in the wrong because he was "rude" to the wife. Apparently, anything short of "I'll get it to you when I'm finished this match" or "I'll ask Mike over the internet in this game we are both playing right now" is entirely unacceptable.

There are people seriously arguing that he was being "dismissive" despite the fact that, by definition, that requires actually dismissing someone. Was her mistake reasonable? Yes. Is it his fault? Arguably. Is "what's really important" that he appeared to be ignoring her? No, it's second to the question of whether he actually ignored her.

Trying to claim that the appearance of dismissiveness is more important than whether there was any actual dismissal going on is moving the goalposts. Ironically, I've had and seen arguments with people where they do the same thing. Once their interpretation of something is proven wrong, they try to argue that it's wrong to merely give the appearance of such, and never really admit they were wrong.
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Last year we were given all kinds of [poo-poo] for the Duke Nukem booth babes. How could we allow women to be used as sex symbols just to sell a game? How could we allow them on the show floor in their school girl outfits while children and families were walking around? We were vilified for not kicking them off the show floor on the very first day. Now, exactly one year later I am also a monster, but now it’s because I am “punishing women” by asking them to cover up. I’ve been asked why I find the female body to be “obscene” and told that I must really hate women.

Hopefully you can see now why I find this so [gently caressing] ridiculous.

How about all of you that hate me get together and have your own conference. I need you to decide if half naked girls are empowered or exploited because I’m doing my [gently caressing] best here and it’s apparently always wrong. I swear to God I don’t understand how I’m supposed to know if I’m promoting the patriarchy or criminalizing the female body.
Incidentally, this was the same comic that was incorrectly accused of condoning rape, even long after they categorically denied that they condoned rape. They were also said to be ignoring complaints about the strip in question, when they specifically stopped selling t-shirts based on it because it would make people uncomfortable at PAX.

Everything you do is wrong? This is what it's like being famous, Mike. Get used to it.
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"These are no longer Protheans," EDI replied. "There are signs of extensive genetic rewrite: Reduced heterochromatin structure, deletion of superfluous 'junk' genes, and the phrase 'U GOT REAPED LOL' encoded into their genome."


For the record, Mass Effect: Interregnum, covering what Garrus did while Shep was dead in ME2, does shout outs so much better. I generally prefer to put mine in where the story happens to have room for them, like when Alex needed an alias in inPrototype and I chose "Sly Cooper". Broadly speaking, if you can't remove or replace  the reference without the story ceasing to make sense, it's too vital. If you need to know what the shout-out is in order to make sense of what its doing in the story, it's too vital.

In ME:I, there's a scene where Garrus and co get their hands on weapons reminiscent of those from Team Fortress 2, even discussing how much it costs to fire the weapon. This helps to underline the amount of money their employer has. Thing is, it's not a one-off. Garrus keeps thinking of how expensive the mini is during the following action sequence. It's integrated into the story, and can be understood even if one doesn't catch the reference. It's not just some joke shoved in without consideration for whether it fits the tone or not.

Project Gethinator is a light-hearted story, but it at least supposedly has a serious core. Think some of the latter Discworld books. Once you stop portraying the Reapers as an ancient and incomprehensibly powerful force--think space robot Cthulhu--and reduce them to the level of a script kiddie from 4Chan, you might as well be writing a crackfic.

Imagine, say, Inception, or the Dark Knight. Now imagine the dudes from the Hangover suddenly show up. It's not going to work very well.
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In Starfox 64, Andross gets banished to a desert wasteland for doing science in a way the Cornerian military didn't like. He then assembles a multi-ethnic coalition to try and defeat the primarily Dog run Cornerian Hegemony over Lylat. General Pepper even has giant posters of HIMSELF in Corneria City. When his forces are overrun by Andross, General Pepper's last resort is to hire mercenaries to defeat Andross. And of course, those Mercenaries are OUR HEROES, and Andross is a horrific villain, despite never having his "crimes" specifically mentioned.
  • Well, it is implied that he killed Fox's father.
  • He got banished to Venom for creating an explosion that destroyed a large portion of Corneria City, in spite of Pepper's orders to stop his experiments. What you play in the game is him just about to ''conquer the entire system'' until Star Fox drives him back.
I'd like to point out that Andross is clearly said to have killed a tonne of people in his twisted experiments in both the Japanese and US versions of the game's manual.
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What kind of screwed up food chain has predators actively trying to attack beings who are generally able to slaughter them in seconds? And what sort of reproductive and growth rate must they need to sustain their numbers? Has anyone ever actually tried to suss out how this would work? Besides "kobolds have lots of fast-maturing babies"?


Apr. 2nd, 2012 12:28 pm
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I was hiding from Husks from Mass Effect 3 in a room in my cousin's house, along with several other people, including a girl whose big brother was an ex-con whose eyes were starting to go glowy, meaning he'd be a Husk soon, so he had left her with us. After a while of hiding in terror, occasionally peeking under the door to see if the Husks were still out there--apparently until they full converted they were basically zombies--we turned out the lights and realized the girl's eyes were glowing.

So we sent her into the next room, where Carlos Gomez was playing a bad comedian with worse hair sitting around waiting for company. Think Coolio circa 1993. He was glad to have someone to talk to, and we didn't tell him that she would rip him to pieces soon.
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So, a mission and a half into Deus Ex 1, I have about fifteen flares, and they're basically useless, AFAIK. They don't really distract guards.

In Splinter Cell, they're used to distract sentry guns. In DX, said guns are controlled by security cameras if they spot you. So in one room with a tricky camera I go "wait a minute..." and GUESS WHAT.

It's almost enough to make one ignore the fact that a man who's basically cyborg Jack Bauer after raiding Neo's closet can't throw a three-ounce road flare more than three feet.
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I find a security panel, get in, tell the turret to kill "Enemies", and it does so. I finish the mission, then go watch some videos of the same level on Youtube, and there's an entire section of the level (the loading dock) that I missed completely with several nifty items.

I killed people and never even got to loot their bodies. :(
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GOLD: Don't believe me? It's all in the numbers. For a hundred years, there's been a
conspiracy of plutocrats against ordinary people.
JC DENTON: Do you have a single fact to back that up?
GOLD: Number one: In 1945 corporations paid 50 percent of federal taxes. Now they pay
about 5 percent. Number two: In 1900 90 percent of Americans were self-employed;
now it's about two percent.
This is dialogue from the end of the first "level" of the award winning game Deus Ex, and when I got to it, I was struck by the similarity of the terrorist leader's rhetoric to that of Occupy Wall Street. The NSF even claims to represent everyone, and attempt a little "wealth redistribution" by redirecting medicine toward people who can't afford it and away from the rich. Oddly prophetic for a game from 2000.

There's a talking point of Occupy that says that the rich pay less taxes than the amount of wealth they have. Like many rallying cries, it is concise, punchy, and factually wrong.

There was a thread in JREF discussing taxes. It went something like this.

A: The 99% of the US pay a disproportionately large amount of taxes. Here's a link.
B: Uh, one of those dozens of charts says that the rich actually pay more taxes than the amount of the wealth they have, while everyone else pays slightly less.
A: Of course they pay the most taxes! They have the most money!
B: It's not just "most", it's disproportionately large.
A: That's not important! It makes perfect sense that the people who have the most money have to pay the most taxes?
B: So you only care about disproportionate taxes when it's not rich people being affected?
Can you even admit you were wrong?
A: Stop trying to change the subject!

Kind of weird how people who are perfectly sane in certain parts of that forum will become completely illogical in that section. On at least one occasion, I was arguing with someone who actually knew more about the subject than I did, but was not thinking logically about the matter. Bizarre.

PROTIP: If you don't want to waste multitools disabling alarm panels, and don't want to sneak around, then just stick a mine on the wall under it, then lure the mooks to you and wait for them to reach for the alarm. Alternately, just stick it on the wall in a random corridor and let the guard see you, then run around the corner and giggle.
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No, it's not an H-Game.

You play a kid in the near-future with a fancy hover-skateboard. He ends up in an experimental military high-mobility suit with bullet-time. Gameplay consists of skating and shooting through varied locales as he's conscripted into the struggle. You get bonus points for chaining tricks and shooting, like in Vanquish. Conveniently, there are rails everywhere. Mission control sends you upgrades with the points you earn. Upgrades arrive via rockets falling onto the battlefield. This is fluffed as Command, obviously not trusting some random kid with the cool stuff, even if they can't get the suit off him, until he proves himself.

Also, there's a cameraman following protagonist and his unit around, who sends his exploits to the brass, public, and embattled defenders, raising morale. Gameplay environments would be like Crysis 2; large areas linked by set pieces.

So you're sliding down the rail of the mall escalator. You see bad guys filing out on the left, the right, dead ahead. You heel-kick 360 tailspin back-goofy-foot off to the side, and activate your bullet time as you leap through the air. Narrowly avoiding the balloon kiosk, you land on your side, sliding toward the Sports Centre. As you crash through the window, bad guys fall before your fire like wheat before a thresher. As your GoFast Meter runs out, you spring to your feet and narrowly dodge generic mook as he swings a speedbag at your head. A smack with your gunbutt, and he's down. One liner. You crouch behind the protein shakes for cover as your GFM recharges and the bogeys close in, and activate your skatewhatever. With a combination of skating skills, slowdown, and high-speed lead delivery systems, you clear the store of tangos. Going out the front is...challenging, so you head for the service door in order to flank the bad guys in the other stores by sneaking in through the back way. You don't have the key, but you can easily open the door with your large amounts of military weaponry, unlike just about every game ever. As you exit, a message pops up on your screen.

"TROPHY ACHIEVED: Good Neutralization Combatant."

Oh yeah.

Basically, Tony Hawk meets Max Payne.
So, Vanquish?
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Hello! It's me! Wheatley, from Portal 2! I'd like to just point you in the direction of this fanfic, and it stars me! Wheatley! And if that weren't enough--can't imagine why it wouldn't be--it stars Chell, and GLaDOS, and, um, others, that's all I'm going to say right now. I'd tell you more, but it'd, well it'd be spoiling the fic and Portal 2, and I am fairly certain that would be a very bad idea. Just take my word for it, it's brilliant. Click the link up top there! Or if you'd rather--if you'd rather see the Livejournal version with some nice pictures, you could just click here instead! Just keep clicking "Next 10". You know, if you feel like it.

No pressure.

Nooo pressure.
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From: Ocean Marketing
To: Dave
Dec 26, 2011 2:19 PM

LOL Thanks for the Free PR I know the Editor N Chief of Kotaku , IGN , Engadget I’ll be meeting them at CES .The noise complaint was for people high up on the food chain in a corporate world of real estate you have no clue about. Thanks for the Rice Rocket Compliment too love me some motorcycle . Send that over to Engadget you look like a complete moron swearing and sending your customer service complaints to a magazine as if they will post it or even pay attention do you think you’re the first or the last what are they going to do demand us to tell you were your shipment is or ask for a refund on your behalf … Really ... Welcome to the Internet ? Son Im 38 I wwebsite as on the internet when you were a sperm in your daddys balls and before it was the internet, thanks for the welcome to message wurd up. Grow up you look like a complete child bro. I Don’t have my controller so im gonna cry to the world … Really ?? Hey take that free time and do something more productive. All you had to do was check the like everyone else , people have inquired but you’re the douchiest of them all J
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"Comedy uses familiar stereotypes to get laughs!"

"How do you feel about the fact that audiences see comdies by creators like Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and James Franco as more genuine and authentic than female-centric rom-coms?"

"Having Chinese slang in Firefly shows the influence of Eastern culture a lot better than actually having any Asians on the show."

"I think it's antifeminist to say real gay men should have any say in slash."
"Arkham City isn't misogynist, just heavy-handed in portraying misogyny!"

"Rose Tyler was objectively the best companion!"

"If it's wrong to erase bisexuality and homosexuality, then isn't it wrong to ignore canonical heterosexuality for the purposes of fanfic?"

"Shouldn't you be more considerate of the feelings of people you disagree with?"

Ah, this is fun.
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If I have to enter a code and my Secret Answer to reset my password, tell me the Secret Answer is wrong before moving on to the Enter A New Password bit, not after.



Dec. 5th, 2011 10:44 pm
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Action horror game where the enemies don't roar before attacking. They can and will sneak up on the player when they are moving in the opposite direction, and the only real way to detect them is to frantically check your back all the time or listen carefully for the faint rustle, which can be difficult in the middle of a melee when larger, hardier enemies are roaring and charging. For extra distraction, ranged enemies will attack the player, and on occasion the ranged foes will draw the player into ambushes while the stealthier units harry it from behind. (To have an incentive for the player to chase them, there are alarms the ranged foes can activate, which draw even more monsters to the area.)

Yes, I'm proposing a game where the enemies use MMO tactics on the player.

EDIT: Big, churchlike area with lots of glass. Player thinks they'll hear the sneaky guys coming. Then they keep hearing the sneaky guys on the glass, really close. Then they realize they're crawling down the columns. The far side of the columns, so the player can't stand in the middle, or they'll be overwhelmed by several sneaky guys at once.

This would be the controller-snapping part of the program.

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