Apr. 3rd, 2012

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What kind of screwed up food chain has predators actively trying to attack beings who are generally able to slaughter them in seconds? And what sort of reproductive and growth rate must they need to sustain their numbers? Has anyone ever actually tried to suss out how this would work? Besides "kobolds have lots of fast-maturing babies"?
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In Starfox 64, Andross gets banished to a desert wasteland for doing science in a way the Cornerian military didn't like. He then assembles a multi-ethnic coalition to try and defeat the primarily Dog run Cornerian Hegemony over Lylat. General Pepper even has giant posters of HIMSELF in Corneria City. When his forces are overrun by Andross, General Pepper's last resort is to hire mercenaries to defeat Andross. And of course, those Mercenaries are OUR HEROES, and Andross is a horrific villain, despite never having his "crimes" specifically mentioned.
  • Well, it is implied that he killed Fox's father.
  • He got banished to Venom for creating an explosion that destroyed a large portion of Corneria City, in spite of Pepper's orders to stop his experiments. What you play in the game is him just about to ''conquer the entire system'' until Star Fox drives him back.
I'd like to point out that Andross is clearly said to have killed a tonne of people in his twisted experiments in both the Japanese and US versions of the game's manual.

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