May. 1st, 2012

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Team Fashion 2 - Heavy
by ~u63r on deviantART

I...I kind of want that messenger bag now.

This is what happens when I discover Console to Closet.

Her original head was based on Regina Spektor, and she still has Dem Cheekbones, but I found the first version a little too, um, terrifying.

No, I don't know if I'm doing any more.
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Remember when I ranted about someone going "Thank you, Mr. Exposition" in a fanfic? Apparently, it's a thing. (TVTropes) Specifically, a reference to a Slappy Squirrel bit from Animaniacs. Thing is, on Animaniacs, everyone is aware they're in a cartoon. You can't just break the fourth wall or lampshade things whenever you want, and constantly doing so lets the audience know that you are unwilling or unable to improve the flaws (TVTropes). There's nothing wrong with exposition, only when it's poorly done. It is necessary for someone to tell someone else something in just about every story. If you don't think you can write it in a compelling manner, consider the following;
  • Who is explaining?
  • How are they doing it? How do they phrase and summarize things?
  • Who are they explaining it to?
  • What reactions does their audience have, verbal and otherwise?
  • Can this information be summarized, in whole or in part, by the narration, or is there vital, specific information in there?
I had some of this in mind when I wrote inPrototype 1-03., and managed to summarize the situation pretty efficiently in just one paragraph (after the break), while still leaving room for Zeke to clarify any specific points I didn't cover. Wasn't on purpose, but it worked anyway. It's still very weird to occasionally learn that I'm slightly more clever than I normally think I am.
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[Thread] (Language warning, even with the filter.)

Bouncer says that he put a drunk woman in a chokehold after she bit him, which was after they gave her several chances to go away.

People criticize him for using unnecessary force, and say he got his job just because he likes to get in fights with people, and that he should be able to control a tiny woman since he's such a big guy.

He says his co-worker was wearing gloves when he tried to dump a champagne bucket of ice water on a drunk female patron, and this led to the bucket slipping out of his hands and hitting the woman.

People say that the bouncer likes to throw buckets at women.

He says he has his job because he likes to meet and sleep with women women, and he usually deals with dozens of  of women a night.

People criticize him for using his position to dominate women and repeatedly call him a rapist because he sleeps with drunk women, which he never said he does.

He says that a big fight started up while he was patting people down for a big event, which resulted in him getting stabbed.

One guy says he beat up the kid who was only acting in "self-defense" when he stabbed the bouncer.

Not even the other critics want to back him up.

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