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Russell T Davies: Here's a new character for Doctor Who. He's Captain Jack Harkness, whose most prominent characteristic is that he's pansexual and will hit on anyone.
Fandom: Yay!

Steven Moffat: Here's a new character for Sherlock. She's Irene Adler, whose whose most prominent characteristic is that she's pansexual and will hit on anyone.
Fandom: Why does everyone think bisexuals are only about sex? This is just more of Moffat's problem with writing strong, competent women.


>wash pots

Jun. 10th, 2011 07:12 pm
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>leave on draining board
>flatmates use without permission and don't wash
>make bacon
>leave dirty pot on stove
>nobody touches it
>make bacon in recently acquired George Foreman grill
>nobody touches that either

So the only way to keep inconsiderate flatmates from using my stuff seems to be leave a layer of bacon fat all over them.

One of the flatmates in question is a fairly affable guy, but rather selfish. I walked into the kitchen last week to find him using a can opener to open a tuna tin. he asked if I had one, and I coldly said he was already using it, whereupon he asked for permission. I told him to wash it afterward. not only did he not wash it, he went and used my table knife from the same cupboard, again without washing.

I've confronted him already about the friends he brings over getting into my food, but seriously.
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Or, as I like to call it, the worst bathroom hand drying thingie ever invented.

Image Hosted by

The instructions on it say to move your hands up and down. Aside from making the user feel slightly ridiculous, this has another effect.

Image Hosted by

The blue arrows denote the direction of the airstream. Unlike conventional hand dryers, this one blows from two directions at once. And according to the website, they move at 400 MPH.

Combine this with the up and down motion, and you have an extra-fast dryer that is nearly impossible to use without having your hands being blown into one side or another.

In other words, Dyson has taken a device whose chief virtue is that it requires no hand contact with any surface, and made it so users will involuntarily be forced to touch surfaces.

Stick to vacuums and fans, Sir James.
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  1. Put a potato on the boil.
  2. Peel and cut slices off an onion, using the "hold under running water" trick you recall from over a decade ago.
  3. Ineptly Julienne up the two chicken drumsticks you got from Sains' the day before.
  4. Combine ineptly Julienned drumsticks w/onions. Heat in greased pan.
  5. Using advice from Mum, add ketchup. Forget to turn down the heat.
  6. Turn away for just a frakking second.
  7. Turn back to find ketchup in pan burning. Which is kind of the idea, since you wanted it to caramelize somewhat.
  8. Dump chicken in bowl.
  9. Dump pan in sink.
  10. Add partial Laughing Cow wedge to chicken.
  11. Mix ineffectually for several minutes, then put whole thing in microwave for safekeeping.
  12. Read "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".
  13. Check to see if potatoes are done.
  14. Remove potatoes from saucepan. Dice ineptly.
  15. Add butter and slice of sliced cheese. Fail to stir.
  16. Remove chicken from microwave.
  17. Realize chicken is now cold. Refrain from heating in possibly-broken microwave.
  18. Dump the whole mess in a pot, add water. Heat and reduce.
  19. Dump into bowl.
  20. Profit.
There were still some bones in the chicken bits, and the potatoes were a bit undercooked, but for a misbegotten souplike concoction, it was actually quite good.


Aug. 15th, 2010 08:05 pm
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The idea is to parody every single Merchandise Driven anime with a Matching Toy Line done in the past fifteen years. I want a spikey-haired protagonist who dresses mostly in primary colors. He may have a red jacket I'm not sure.

/Air Gear, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bakugan, etc.

The Moshi are strange bloblike creatures, just distinct enough to be marketable, who can shapeshift. Each has a primary color (red and black above), which is fixed, and a secondary color, which changes according to the creatures' moods. Or the needs of marketing, whichever.

Moshi can form symbiotic bonds with their human hosts, the Go, giving them a new look and various abilities which are upgraded over the course of the series. (More action figures!)

As a general rule MoshiGo seek each other out to try and kill the other guys for no adequately explained reason. The protagonist is one of the few who actually *doesn't* want to fight. His Catch Phrase, usually delivered while cowering in terror, is "Please stop trying to kill me!"

/Zatch Bell

The hero will have a group of friends, easily identifiable from just the character designs. There's him, his childhood friend and love interest, his smart bespectacled short friend, the cold and aloof rival, and the big guy who isn't very bright and likes brute force attacks.

/Bakugan, Megaman NT Warrior, Duel Masters

-The character wants the cool black Moshi, and he gets the red one. Which happens to like pink as its secondary color, no matter how much he yells. The bishonen rival, of course, gets the cool black one.

-Big bad wears a mask

/too many examples to list

-obligatory character who has access to goo tentacles

/again, too many examples to list

-Protagonist is at one point attacked in the store while he's buying more hair gel. Thin parodies of other spiky haired anime protagonists can be seen in background.

/fan comic I had an idea for years ago but never drew, where Robin and Sora fight over a store's last thingie of hair product. While they're in a big ball o' dust, Naruto steals it.

-Protagonist is able to swim and dive, all without his hair moving an inch, while everyone else's goes limp.

-Protagonist's doesn't actually put his head on the pillow. His hair's too darn spikey.

Given my usual speed with these things*, I'll probably have some actual character designs ready around 2025.

*I came up with the idea for That Novel in summer of 2001. I have yet to write so much as a full chapter, though I've got tons of notes.
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"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."

There are two main reasons you should watch this movie.
1. It's Christopher Nolan's baby. He's a director with a well-received line of films, the last one before this was one of the highest grossing films ever, and he's been working on this for eight years. I know what you're thinking, and yes, his eight knocks James Cameron's fifteen into a cocked hat.
2. It is a summer movie about a thief who steals ideas from people's minds. If that idea doesn't get your blood pumping, you may be clinically dead.

Some people may have problems tracking the non-linear narrative. I ain't one of 'em; I managed to make it through Batman Begins and The Prestige just fine, and am itchin' to take a whack at Memento. If you are one of said people, just watch it and hit up Wikipedia or TheMovieSpoiler later. It'll be worth it.
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My dreams last night involved Catwoman-drawn and animated by Punchninja*-dropping into the backseat of a Asian family's SUV between two kids and they all seemed to be expecting her. Then someone blows up said SUV near an underpass, and they all escape with their lives, but all their luggage get's destroyed. The parents somewhow scrounge up some clothes, I-suddenly it's my family-read some books in the house we apparently broke into or are renting.

Then my sister and I went into a mall, and the cute blonde woman behind the counter of a donut got really nervous because I was big and black and there after closing (suddenly the store was closing) and she never gave me my cherry-donut thing ($0.95, artist's conception above). I could even see one on the Dunkin' Donuts style rack behind the counter. The dream me-I know it wasn't me because I was thinking NO STOP YOU IDIOT WHAT ARE YOU DOING-commited a series of faux pas** when the girl started to get nervous. And she never gave me my donut, and my sister dragged me off from the place which was apparently in an airport*** and I socially engineered my parents into not listening to anything she had to say on the matter in a totally unrealistic fashion and then I woke up.

*According to dA's search function, he's never drawn her. This (NSFW) is the closest I could find. Weird. I think there was a little Hughes in thar too.
** I thought she was indicating something behind the counter, so I started to go around it. Then I tried to hit on her. At this point, the real me, who was just observing, was facepalming with his head in his lap.
*** If I hadn't realized already, that when I would've known I was in a dream. You can't even get toilet paper in an airport for under a buck.
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Then the Iron Man 2 trailer comes on, and I was like


And Ali asked what the problem was and I told him.

"So why doesn't you just go after work?" he suggested.

"..." I said.

"Actually, I'll be away that day, so you'll have the car."

And then I was like;

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I know I spend too much time on the computer*, but even I can close the laptop when moving it from place. It takes less than thirty seconds to come out of standby, but MJ still totes it around wide open.

Image Hosted by

Do you see the problem here? If it starts to tilt to one side or the other, she has to bring her other arm up to steady it, instead of just carrying it in both hands in the first place. Heck, just having it open while moving it increases the chances of something happening. And considering that she was using our last computer--without a surge protector--when it got fried, her defiance of common sense safety measures is inexplicable.

Whenever I carry it, I close the lid, which sends it into standby, and prefer to use both hands, ofthen holding it close to my chest. If I use one, I will rest it against my hip and belt--if I'm wearing one--instead of just free-balancing it on my forearm.

I've tried talking to her about it, but she ignores me out of what can only be described as "cussedness". Of course, this is only slightly worse than her other method.

Image Hosted by

In case you can't interpret my chicken-scratch, she holds it near the hinge in one hand, and holds the screen in the other. While this is safer than the arm-balancing bit, it means that if it slips out of either hand, the other one can't take the weight. When I do the two-arm, both hands cross the laptop diagonally, meaning they can support each other if necessary.

tl;dr: Carrying a few hundred bucks of electronic equipment from room to room=SERIOUS BUSINESS.

*Yes, I know I'm an addict. I just don't like to use that word.
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Day of The Barney from the Anti-Barney Jihad

One guard, as he was being simultaneously crushed and pulled apart by the
mindless horde, looked back upon the stage. The Purple One and his green
sidekick were laughing and dancing demonically about the platform, which was
now spattered with blood and torn clothing. Next moment the world went dark
and the guard was lost forever amidst the torrent of violence and unholy

I love you, you love me.....let me have your family.....with
a quick stab or kick, we'll set the children free....don't you
know you were meant for me.....

And yes, I drew that pic just for this post.
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It's a Pixar movie. That should be all the recommendation you need.

I've spent the past few hours looking for a flaw, and the only one I can think of was that I didn't see it with enough people in the theatre. I'm man enough to admit I'm still wibbling. If you know anything about animation at all, the cloth physics alone should leave your jaw on the floor.

tl;dr: See it.
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wait firefox i needed those
by ~u63r on deviantART

I kept finding that Firefox was dropping cookies at the end of each session, effectively logging me out of websites like deviantART and Livejournal. If you have the same problem as I did, your cookies might be corrupted. Your best bet is to get into your profile and delete them. Or simply rename it to something else.

Make sure to have Firefox closed when you alter the cookies.

DS get!

Mar. 8th, 2009 07:19 pm
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I got a DS!

Much to my disappointment, I won't be able to use my brand-new DS at work after all.

On the day before my parents got back, I remembered to call and ask my boss about toting around what's ostensibly an entertainment device around the store. No dice. I can still use it at break, though. I'd use it on the bus, but there's always the risk I could get too deep into Advance Wars, look up, and find myself knee-deep in zombies.

Also, as of last Thursday, the flash cart and case I ordered haven't arrived. The supplier's tracking is kind of screwy, but Hong Kong Post says it left-

Wait, I thought you were against piracy.
I am, Rhetorical Device!

So why are you getting a flash cart?
So I can run Colors! and text readers/writers on it, duh.

Doesn't buying a flash cart used for piracy, even if you're not perpetrating it yourself, encourage piracy?
Well, that's an interesting question with many fascinating implications-LOOK OVER THERE!

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I liked it. Also: BOND HATES GLASS.

My original plan for this was just Bond, standing next to a pane of glass. Then another panel of him looking at it. Then he punches the glass, with the caption "BOND HATES GLASS". But nooo, I had to go for the complicated obscure Warhammer 40K ref. I've never even played that game, since I feel it's some sort of geekery event horizon.
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I'm...I'm not sure I'm gonna make it. Whatever happens, I love you all.
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I tried a little something different on Saturday Night; I didn't look at the clock.

I was up late polishing off my copy of Splinter Cell. Yes, the first one. (PROTIP: It's a sneaking mission.) I knew it was late, because SNL had started, but I wasn't sure if it was past midnight. So I made sure not to look at a clock on the path to the Sandman's realm. The theory being that if I didn't know how little sleep I had gotten would help me stay awake in church on Sunday.

I don't know how well it worked. I neglected to get a control, and any results I might've gotten were corrupted by the flatulence of the girl in front of me.

Say, does anyone know if farting can be transmitted, like yawns? I mean, hypothetically.

After church, I went out into the sunshine (it burnsss usss!) and bought a cupcake. Scratch that, I bought two. I'm a big boy now and I can buy two cupcakes if I want to.* I had to leave them on the car's dash for a few minutes, and I had the brief, absurd thought that someone might try and steal 'em. Of course, you'd have to be crazy to rob someone of a dollar's worth of sugar-coated pastries.

I ate your cupcake!

*According to my big brother, my metabolism is going "yeah, laugh it up while you can, buddy".

PS: Look what I found while on flickr. NSFW.

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