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It was tasty, it filled me up, and it was cheap to make.

I'm feeling really good about myself and my abilities lately.

This worries me immensely.
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I've managed to draw five frames of animation.

I have about 15 seconds worth due next week Tuesday, and I've got about three.

Still, that's five frames more than yesterday.
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>look up one of my childhood musicians on YouTube
>comments say one of the members raped a 14-year old
>wikipedia says the band broke up when he plead guilty to raping one of the background singers

Well, that's another fond memory gone. Hopefully, I'll be out entirely by summer break.
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What do you want me to do?  LEAVE?  Then they'll keep being wrong!

Last night, I informed someone who was very emotionally involved in a certain wank that a claim they made was factually wrong.

Thankfully, they did not flame me, not yet. Someone else did. I think. I didn't see for sure, because I saw the wall of text through squinting eyes and closed the email. I knew, I knew, I knew they were going to rationalize it away and get mad at me, and I did it anyway, because I couldn't bear to let a falsehood abide.

I really should stop doing that.

Bad day

Nov. 22nd, 2011 01:13 am
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First my Cyst Pops
Now I'm back on budget
Didn't get much home work done because of said popped cyst
Library book I haven't finished due tomorrow
Had to reserve an even bigger edition of same so I could finish it
My packages probably won't be in until next week
My colon is trying to escape through my anus
I can't sleep because of it
And worst of all I can't find my Ritz crackers

Step One.

Nov. 6th, 2011 06:41 pm
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I just made a key fob for my nail clippers with some string while watching funny internet videos and ignoring homework.

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juilet whiskey 003 "I suck"
by ~u63r on deviantART

I'm not sure what I feel about this girl, but I obviously feel it very strongly.

I made this after getting a D on an assignment I thought I did well on. Cue obligatory self-recriminiation. I was planning to make this anyway, though.
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This man co-runs a successful web comedy franchise, and has since 2004.

And he's only a year and a half older than me.

More and more, I regret...falling behind.
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I went over my main ideas for books, mentally, aside from the autobiography.

I discovered that pretty much every single one is a parody or pastiche or alternate take or one of TVTropes "-ions" of some trope or several. Some were even basically fanfic. In fact, one idea I had happened to strongly resemble the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

As best as I can tell, I'm an unoriginal hack who is good at taking other people's ideas and putting them in pretty dresses.

This had me depressed for a few minutes, until I remembered how much money Dean Koontz makes, and I cheered up immediately.


Jun. 3rd, 2011 08:47 pm
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If your computer barely, just barely, meets the minimum specs for, say, Assassin's Creed 2, you will not be able to run it at any appreciable quality.

Anyone know where I can get a decent laptop graphics card for not too expensive? Preferably one that's 256MB or so.

I mean, PC Gamers brag about not having to upgrade for several years. For console gamers, that's just plain called a console cycle. And then PC gamers try to make a virtue out of their opaqueness. They make getting a video card to run seem lik membership in the Freemasons.


Apr. 12th, 2011 09:50 pm
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When I was little and crawled into my parents' bed because I couldn't sleep, I used to feel guilty.

Yes, I was messed-up even then.


Oct. 16th, 2010 11:50 pm
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I'm starting to realize that I'm actually less screwed-up than I thought.
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Strangely, I am not wracked by pangs of fear that someone on the Internet doesn't like me, and have experienced no digestive upsets. I apologized, explained my mistake, and moved on.

This is a new experience for me. I think I'm becoming a psychologically balanced individual.
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She said that I have a habit of making "excuses" for being wrong

This was after she said she'd finish wiping the counter, and then complained that I hadn't done a good job

I said that I hadn't finished wiping the counter, and she said that she wasn't referring to this occasion (lol moving goalposts)

She said that I have an inability to admit when I'm wrong

I pointed out that what I see as reasons, she always calls "excuses"

She said that's how she sees them

I pointed out that her word choice means she's incapable of seeing any of my "excuses" as right, which means that she's incapable of seeing herself as wrong

She glared at me and changed the subject

Said she hopes that I can admit, if only to myself, that she could be right

I don't respond that I may already have. I certainly wish I had made more friends in high school, and she warned me about that
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For years now, I've been building up my Amazon Wishlist in anticipation of the day I moved to the US for school. I've been chipping away at the thing when I or other family members have gone on vacation, but it's grown more or less steadily.

Read more... )

TL;DR version: angsty 20-something tries to shanghai book ordering system into metaphor for life, fails miserably.


Apr. 18th, 2009 12:37 am
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Recently, I've noticed a disturbing tendency towards misanthropic thoughts in my daily life.

My left brain would blame this on a combination of frustrated personal and academic goals, coupled with a delayed impetus towards teenage rebellion against my religious/conservative upbringing.

I suspect it actually has something to do with the fact that I work retail.
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Comfort me with lies about how I haven't wasted my life and my potential!

In other news, I've been really angsty this week. Can ya tell?

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