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There was a post on Tumblr about how opposing gay marriage = homophobia.

The logic ran that since people who opposed gay marriage wanted to deny gay people of their rights, that meant they hated gays.

Of course, by that logic, the officer who arrests a suspect, depriving them of their freedom, must also hate the suspect, right? How about banning smoking? What about tresspassing?

But all of those things are illegal, you say?

Not exactly; an officer does not need to have a guilty suspect to arrest them, just probable cause. The original premise did not say it was okay to deny people their rights when it was legal, only that wanting to do so necessarily indicates that one is doing so out of hate.

Not to mention the sheer tautology of the idea; people who oppose gay marriage must hate gays, or else they wouldn't oppose gay marriage. Most of the arguments I've heard in favor of gay marriage aren't actually very logical; they mostly consist of declaring the opposition bigots and homophobes. For some reason, such arguments aren't convincing to the people on the other side.

I have heard that gay marriages will stimulate the economy, and it occurs to me that so wserill gay divorces. Think about medical insurance; premiums spiked rapidly once the lawyers got involved.

In the interests of fairness, the idea that "traditional" marriage is inherently "better" is just as flawed. In fact, Appeal to Tradition is a recognized fallacy. Ultimately, both sides' positions are almost entirely subjective.
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You don't just get to "consider" your boyfriend your husband. And no, it is not idolatrous to require government approval, any more than it would be idolatrous to get a driver's license. Render unto Ceasar, remember? The Bible says get married. You make some good points elsewhere, but put a ring on it. Or, heck, ask him. It's a brave new world! Girls can actually do that now!


Yes, I am aware that some people have different ideas of Christianity. I'm merely expressing my disagreement with one of those ideas. I'm not going to find the individual, kick their door down, and force them to get married at gunpoint. My lawyer said to stop that.
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As I've blogged, Social Justice advocates--those campaigning against racism, sexism, and just about anything else that has an "ism" on the end--are often full of crap. I'm not saying they don't have good intent, just lousy and sometimes actively damaging execution. At some point, a lot of people started caring more about Being Right than actually changing anything. Those on Tumblr are a particularly virulent strain, seeing as that website is exceptional at indulging everyone's Special Snowflake side.

And then there are the tumblr transsexuals, who seem to run on nothing but rage and hate and frustration.

"Gender[doggie]", like I said before, says she's not on the website to teach anyone anything. Which means, logically, that what she is there to do is yell at people and get her rage on. You know how feminist websites often seem to be trying to actively alienate the very people they're allegedly trying to communicate with? Imagine that, turned up to eleven. And then someone snapped the knob off.

You know how many SJ sites say that the opinion of [majority] isn't relevant or correct unless it aligns with the opinions of [minority in question] or a social justice advocate claiming to represent such? I keep running into transsexuals on tumblr who think that cisgendered people have no right to have an opinion on transpeople, or join a conversation about such.

At all.

I took one of those posts, and pointed out that for a member of a group complaining about oppression and silencing, Mr Spencer "sure seems quick to tell cissexual people what opinions they’re allowed to have and how they should express them".

Okay, perhaps I shouldn't have tagged the post "hypocrisy", "hypocrite" and "logic".

His response was basically "!!!"

The funny thing is that one of his little friends did that incredibly pretentious roleplaying thing. Specifically, they said they were doing something to me, ~in between tildes~. I didn't bother to check what. The only other people I've seen do something like that are furries. They were using the same ego-protection mechanics as furries do. Jesus Christ, that's sad.

That's not a curse, that's a prayer. I actually feel sorry for Spenser and people like him now. Not because they're trans, but because they've built up their rage and their pain into a wall that they keep the world on the other side of, and they absolutely refuse to let anyone tear it down and expose the tear-streaked, scared little children hiding inside where the bad people can't get to them. The need to belong, no matter who to, can be a powerful thing, and it often leads down some very dark roads. It is possible to be trans and a healthy, well adjusted human being, but it often takes a lot of work, and it may seem easier to build that wall. All I can do is hope that someday they let the world in.

Come to think, I feel that way about a lot of people.
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Today in church, the pastor made a point about how Jesus was kind of a rebel. He cited certain verses in Luke 4, which can be summarized thusly.

Jesus: Fellow Nazarenes, I know you want me to heal people. But I can't just heal everyone. Elisha didn't heal everyone. Eliseus didn't heal everyone either.
Synagogue: We're going to throw you off a cliff now.
Jesus: Nope.

And then Jesus escapes the angry mob and vanishes like a ninja. I'm not even joking. That is what the scripture says.

28 All the people in the synagogue were furious when they heard this. 29 They got up, drove him out of the town, and took him to the brow of the hill on which the town was built, in order to throw him off the cliff. 30 But he walked right through the crowd and went on his way.  (NIV)
I just have this image of a DnD game where the GM asks Josh to make like 15 Evade rolls and he just gets a Natural 20 on every single one.
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"I went to a teetotaller church, meaning that we didn't have glass doors on our liquor cabinets."

"I grew up in a Scottish church. 'Your body is a temple!' we'd say, as we deep-fried everything."
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She's wearing a bikini.

She looks fantastic.

(I should just get a tumblr already.)


Dec. 2nd, 2011 10:27 am
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From today's Our Daily Bread:

College students rent a house from my sister and her husband. One night, a thief attempted to break in. When the young woman living there called the police to tell them that a break-in was in progress, the operator responded in an unusual way: “You’ll have to call back in the morning. We’re just too busy right now.” That response was very disturbing! The young woman had done the right thing by calling the police, but for some reason her plea for help was disregarded. That kind of indifference is upsetting.
"Upsetting" seems like something of an understatement.
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Uploaded with

When my alarm went off at 8, I realized that it would be actively dangerous to try and walk two miles and change round trip, crossing two main roads. And I'd probably just fall asleep during the sermon anyway. So I'll just watch it when they put it up on their website.

I also realized I'm probably not going to be able to read 200 pages of my library book by Tuesday, so I went and put another edition on reserve. It should be waiting for me by Tuesday.
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So you think the Catholic church, and the Pope as representative of that Church, infringes on people's rights over their own sexuality.


Then you say the Pope has no right to complain when Benneton photoshoops him in an ad kissing an Egyptian Imam.

In other words, you're saying he has no right to complain about other people infringing on his own rights about his sexuality.

That's kind of a contradiction.

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>haven't had a watch for at least two years
>have been using cell phone
>really want to have a proper watch again
>weekend and I can't get watch from lodge

Very funny, God.
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>blog I read from a webcartoonist
>has been useful tips about character design and art and such
>has had two posts about how atheism is so cool and awesum in the past month
>second post was today, and cites Richard Dawkins and passive-aggresively implies religion = ignorance

In other words, this guy is one strike away from being being the third guy dumped from my RSS reader for beating people over their head with their political or religious beliefs.

Not that I'll stop reading the comic, of course.
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>find it's on sale
>converted into USD, it's about $21%
>sale is on all week
>this is the last week of school


Would it be hypocritical of me to thank God for a game where I play a killer?
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In fact, it's not for another two weeks.

I missed the early Church service because I didn't spend enough time Googling.
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The crux of this essay is this: For some time, the main argument against religious fundamentalists and in defense of gay rights has been, essentially "Hey, we're born this way, so screw you." While this argument does raise a few interesting points (e.g. if we do not accept that a loving God would create people who are hardwired to sin, then perhaps homosexuality is not a "sin" at all), it is no where near adequate for addressing the issue and, in my opinion, it does more harm than good.
Interesting, thought, provoking essay.
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Today, she uploaded a short comic she did for her church.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.
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My wife, Martie, and I have grown to love England—its history, culture, and people. One of our favorite activities when we visit is going to outdoor concerts (also known as proms) on the sloping lawns of ancient estates. “The Last Night of the Proms” event is the best, with fireworks and hundreds of nationals waving little British flags to rousing patriotic tunes.

We loved joining the celebration—until the summer our children came with us. When we started waving our flags with all the enthusiastic Brits, our kids were aghast. I can still hear them shouting over the music, “What are you doing?! You’re Americans!”
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If you had happened to be on a certain road in Bolton this morning, around 10 AM, you might've seen a young black man go striding by. Head held high, carriage determined, jaw set, he clasps a sweater and a Bible in the crook of his arm as he proceeds to the church.

If so, I don't know who you would've been looking at. I would've been bawling like a baby.

Read more... )

I'll have to talk to the school's chaplaincy tomorrow. Looks like I'm going church shopping.

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