Jan. 27th, 2012

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...When you find a cool, well-edited fanvid about a ship you don't ship, and want to favorite it.
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Idiot: The UK police would've been able to handle this situation without shooting someone. They would've called for backup. Their way is better.
Me: Aren't the UK police usually not armed? In fact, didn't you personally mention that they weren't armed?
Idiot: The US cops could've taken down the man without shooting him, according to their training.
Me: Leaving aside the fact that they were acting exactly like their training tells them to, you think the course of action that puts the US officers and the suspect at more risk than calling for backup is better?
Idiot: The dog could've made it.
Me: Prove it.
Idiot: The cops provoked the suspect into "making an aggressive move".
Me: Any judge would laugh at you.
Idiot: The suspect was not actually going to attack the officers, he was actually in a defensive position.
Me: A defensive position which required advancing on a policeman with weapon raised? Also, you just contradicted yourself.
Idiot: They should've tried to subdue him non-lethally.
Me: They did, it failed, and the suspect escalated the situation to deadly force.
Idiot: Those weren't non-lethal, those were gadgets. Gadgets which failed. So they shot him.
Me: They shot him because he tried to take a swing at one of them, employing deadly force.

And so on.

Currently, they're arguing that the suspect's attack on the cop was actually warranted, because there were five of them, and that the suspect was actually in "counter-stance", not aggressive stance. They are also trying to say that deadly force is irrelevant.
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After the dueling club incident in Year Two where he is discovered to be a Parselmouth, Harry Potter is subject to abuse from the students, culminating in him running away. The Ministry needs to track down Harry, and for that they need the permission of his legal guardian. Since Sirius is still his legal guardian instead of Petunia, because he never had a trial, they hustle him out of Azkaban and convene a kangaroo trial--in a matter of hours--then pour truth serum down his throat. Upon discovering his innocence, they proclaim him innocent, give him a ton of money and some new clothes, and politely request he come to the Minister for Magic's office, where they basically ask him not to sue them and help them find Harry. He calls them out on it, and leaves to find Harry on his own.

Alright. Take it as it comes. )
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She's wearing a bikini.

She looks fantastic.

(I should just get a tumblr already.)

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