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b355 Stephanie Rogers
by ~u63r on deviantART

I’m not sure if this is inspired by Captain America, or supposed to be his grand-niece or something.

Whatever it is, I had intended to finish it for the 4th. WHERPS.

Compare and Contrast: Summergirl.
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You have spent several seconds reading this post when you could be watching The Avengers.
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I see you've finally gotten around to the original trilogy.

Luke's player to keeps making references to Quick Time Events and autosaves and suchlike. He is playing a tabletop RPG. Yes, he's never played before, naive farmboy, ha ha. Problem is, he should know the difference between Final Fantasy and DnD, no matter how much of a gamer he is. If he's doing this as some sort of joke, please have another character at least point it out somehow.

It is not funny.

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"When you see this movie, kids are going to believe one day these turtles actually do exist when we are done with this movie," said Michael Bay as he took the stage to discuss his new vision for the reptilian reboot. "These turtles are from an alien race, and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely loveable."
The funny thing is that the franchise always had a load of aliens and sci-fi, and the goo that turned the turtles into mutants in the comic turned out to be from a research institute run by aliens. There was a whole arc about it. Yet fanboys are absolutely flipping their wigs. They are buying wigs in order to flip them. I am schadenfreuding so hard.

This is just another example of people saying Hollywood is original, then complaining when they change something in a way they don't like. And then there's the possibility that Bay meant "alien race" as in "strange and weird race".

I've heard.

Dec. 1st, 2011 08:10 pm
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I've heard that one way to have confidence in social situations is to imagine the people you're talking to in their underwear.

I've also heard that you can imagine how, if needed, you would kill any given person in the room.

No one has ever recommended combining the two.
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As I recall, Bruce's injuries from Bane breaking his back were explained by a car accident, at least in the Knightfall novelization. Also in that novel, the doctor treating him noted how incongruous his injuries were with the "dangerous games" of his "youth" he claimed as the cause. The implication is that he simply doesn't go to the hospital very often.

I'm not sure why he wouldn't use several of the actual explanations as an excuse. Gotham is well known to have several criminals wielding dangerous chemicals running around. He could plausibly claim he got hit by some Fear Gas, then deny any requests for blood drawing. Everyone assumes he's on something besides Fear Gas, when he really doesn't want them to find evidence of exposure to other toxins and chemicals. There are legal measures, I presume, but he can afford the best lawyers in the world.

As for psychology, he has a ton of psychological experience, and could probably find a way to stick to his "profile" as Bruce Wayne, assuming he didn't already have it determined ahead of time.

I mean, half the article's premise is that Batman is unable to come up with plausible explanations, or doesn't have ones ready. Batman.


Nov. 14th, 2011 11:27 am
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The Law and Order crew were intervening in unrest at my old high school, with Cyrus Lupo, Connie Rubirosa as a cop, and SWAT teams.

I was in it, and was getting harassed by one of those actors who's in everything playing secondary characters. He was the head of the SWAT teams.

He said to his guys that the people you have to watch out for aren't the Michael Westens (Burn Notice), but the The people who are Westen to Westen. Via dream logic, I understood that to mean if Mike's fanboys had their own fanboys. Think the Cutie Mark Crusaders from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, now imagine they had their own sidekicks. Or imagine these guys had their own imposters.

Heck, I doubt BN's Sugar could lead a Sunday School group through Disneyland. Just imagine what would happen if he started fooling around with automatic weapons. Imagine the narration.

"Look, when you're making an elaborate sting to take down a drug dealer, you need stealth, cunning, and something he wants. He wants drugs. We can use the drugs to get him into, like, a vulnerable position, and BAM! Leave him for the cops."
"Sugar, that's kinda vague."
"So we'll improvise. It always works for Mike!"
"But he's a guy who used to be a spy."
"Look, I know we're not as good as him, but how hard could it be?"
"Are you trying to get us killed?"
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juilet whiskey 003 "I suck"
by ~u63r on deviantART

I'm not sure what I feel about this girl, but I obviously feel it very strongly.

I made this after getting a D on an assignment I thought I did well on. Cue obligatory self-recriminiation. I was planning to make this anyway, though.
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The creator of a popular webcomic has made a parody by editing the text bubbles of a NSFW page.

The webcomic is Menage A 3, which is about a random nerdy guy who has two hot women show up to be his roommates. According to the Bad Webcomics Wiki, one is a bisexual rocker and the other is a ditzy, buxom French-Canadian.

This explains why the "parody" isn't actually funny, because Red Hood and the Outlaws is about a dorky guy who happens to be a competent crimefighter, his cool best friend, and the walking fanservice-blob known as Starfire. The "parody" can't make fun of that without effectively making fun of itself. It'd be like Ike Turner making a song about how bad Hank Pym's wifebeating is while he's still beating his wife.

If you think I'm joking, here, have the rocker stripping and jumping into bed with ma'amoiselle and sleeping on her boobs. With NSFW nudity and that horrible, horrible cat pillow.

You know how everyone hates Kender from Dragonlance because they "cutely" borrow other people's stuff and forget that they did because they have a different concept of property and short attention spans? (More NSFW analysis.) Rocker-grrrrrl has a flaw of tossing people into sexual situations and groping people. Y'know, just a little sexual harassment and assault and manipulation.

Ha ha, it's so wacky and lighthearted and not incredibly creepy at all and totally different from what the comic did to Starfire.
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Dear Tumblr; how about not making it so hard to find permalinks from the tags page. Specifically, make the little turned-down corner visible, not a rollover.


On Starfire: Red Hood and the Outlaws outroar
I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about Scott Lobdell’s run on the three misfits. Most of them were negative because of the concern for Starfire’s image in the new 52. I admit, I’m a bit sad that Lobdell made her memory warped if not dull on humans, as one of my Tumblr friends, sweet-tart said: “It’s the she can’t tell humans apart or doesn’t remember them and seems like she has NO emotional attachment to anyone. It’s definitely not the sex thing that bothers me. It’s that she doesn’t care about people like she used to. For me at least”

I was initially concerned with that, but after thinking about it again and again, in the history of DCU, Kori was defined by her relationships. THAT WAS HER WEAKNESS. I remember in an issue of Titans, Phobia said that her greatest fear was to be alone. She was a strong lady with a wreckage of relationships, the only relationship that seemed to work out was her friendship with Donna Troy, that got me infuriated a bit in the past.
Yep. Close personal relationships are a weakness now, and characters shouldn't have weaknesses.

Read more... )
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Assassin's Creed 2 EP1: The Life and Times of Desmond Miles - Spoiler Warning - Youtube

Spoiler Warning, in the video above, is mocking Ubisoft for making the protagonist Assassin's Creed a twenty-something white guy so most of their target audience can identify with him.

Funny thing; minority video game/comic fans say there aren't enough minorities to identify with all the time. Problem is, if you need someone to be like you to identify with them, wouldn't it be impossible for the white people to identify with anyone not-white, or cisgendered to identify with non-cis, or men to identify with women? Because I think we all know that doesn't happen. And even if it did, what makes the identification of the minority in question a greater priority than that of the majority? We're supposed to be equal here, right?

I'm not saying that it isn't a good idea to have minority characters. I'm just saying the "minority readers need to identify with them" is a terrible, terrible reason to do so. Superman is a white-collar white American with superpowers, and he is the world's most recognizable superhero. He's better known than Jesus Christ. Most of the world is not white, white-collar, American, or superpowered. As a general rule, if you can't identify with a character, and it's by accident, you have a case of plain old bad writing on your hands, not underrepresentation.
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I posted it on TVTropes "Strawman Has a Point" page, and someone responded saying that the point of the strip is to show how the XKCD char. is White-Knighting. Problem is, it's an ad hominem defense; you can't attack their stance, so you just attack their motivations.

I deleted the response, and the person added it right back. Now I'm off to explain what I just explained on the Ad Hominem page. See how they like that.
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Both very good movies. Go see 'em!

Don't go see it if you didn't see the first half (I didn't) or you haven't read the books (I have). After a certain point in the film, it was like a rollercoaster reaching the top of the first hill, and you just have to hang on all the way to the denouement. I found myself dabbing at my eyes at one or two points. In a suitably manly fashion, of course.

Captain America
This is the first movie to actually feel like an Avengers movie, which is ironic, since there's only one Avenger. Between this, Iron Man 1/2, Thor, and Incredible Hulk, Marvel is 5 for 5 with their movies. Now if only DC would pick up the ball and figure out what the other guys are doing right.

Also, I like how unapologetically pulp-sci-fi the movie is. Why does Hydra's stuff glow? Because their power source glows, is why. You have a problem? DealWithIt.gif. These action figures ain't gonna sell themselves.
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I would like to inform the fine folks here of a new comic called Exposure. I think it examines post-cultural zeitgeist post-feminist issues in an interesting and unusual perspective.

join us, won't you? (potential triggers) )

Disclaimer: Everything preceding this post is intended in a sardonic, satirical, and insincere manner. MCity does not, in any way, endorse the webcomic "Exposure". Quite the opposite.

Creator: Al Rio, Medium: Webcomic, whatever tag if any denotes snarky commentary
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>suddenly realize that Karkat's sign is Cancer
>and he's perpetually crabby

Hussie, you magnificent stallion.
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- my puddin' shot them down -
by ~u63r on deviantART

I am inordinately proud of this.
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One member went from complaining about how a London-sightseeing montage was geographically impossible to posting pictures of a tied-up Robin from the Batman TV show in without any sort of credible segue one post flat.

You see this? This spot right here? This is where you get off.
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Pretty good, actually. Don't bother with 3D, unless thirty seconds of a diesel-looking Chris Hemsworth shirtless are worth the money to you.

I do like the Shakespearean stuff, and how Kenneth Branagh managed to make Thor's arrogance entirely different from Tony Stark's.
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You'd think I'd learned my lesson the first time.

After spending the better part of an hour wandering back from Thor (great movie, BTW) —including one montage-worthy moment when I realized I had just gone in a half-mile circle when I thought I was taking a shortcut—and was standing on one of those little wedges of grass in between the freeway and its onramp, trying to figure out if I recognized the overpass ahead, when a complete stranger stopped and asked me if I needed directions. Turned out the pedestrian ramp I was staring at was indeed the route I was looking for, and I was home inside of ten minutes.

In other words, my foolish pride/social anxiety/a little from columns A and B had me going around in circles, but the friendliness of the locals saved me a few seconds of staring when I was nearly home anyway.

Quite nice, these Brits.

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