Apr. 22nd, 2012

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Y'know, X-arielle? I saw her tumblr. Turns out she's gay.

I am now mildly uncomfortable with my criticism of her--no, wait, actually, I'm not. I'm sorry, shipping a 14-year old girl (Violet from the Incredibles) with a grown woman (Mirage) is creepy, end of story, regardless of the artist's preferences. It would be entirely hypocritical of me to claim otherwise. It would be a double standard, and I can't help but wonder how many of her fans rationalize her more questionable art with "she likes girls, so it's okay!" Even leaving aside the whole ephebophilia thing, she seems to have a bit of a fetish for what's euphemistically called "dub-con" by fanfic writers, "RAEP FACE" by 4chan, and "NOT OKAY" by scans_daily.

Well, when it's het.
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I see you've finally gotten around to the original trilogy.

Luke's player to keeps making references to Quick Time Events and autosaves and suchlike. He is playing a tabletop RPG. Yes, he's never played before, naive farmboy, ha ha. Problem is, he should know the difference between Final Fantasy and DnD, no matter how much of a gamer he is. If he's doing this as some sort of joke, please have another character at least point it out somehow.

It is not funny.


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