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Harry Dresden of the Dresden Files is more protective of women, which he acknowledges as chauvinism, because of his mommy issues and being raised for ten years by a psychopath who manipulated his sexuality to his own ends. This is all Jim Butcher's fault.

Dresden exclusively prefers committed relationships, completely shuts down his attractive teenaged (and legal) apprentice who offers to sleep with him before he is willing to take her on, and his main female love interest would like only sex. Not a peep.

This is almost exactly the same as how people talk about Supernatural as if the main character's messed-upedness is not mentioned at literally every opportunity, by everyone.
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Pinkie Holmes
by ~u63r on deviantART


Drawn after “Mmmystery on the Friendship Express”.
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"These are no longer Protheans," EDI replied. "There are signs of extensive genetic rewrite: Reduced heterochromatin structure, deletion of superfluous 'junk' genes, and the phrase 'U GOT REAPED LOL' encoded into their genome."


For the record, Mass Effect: Interregnum, covering what Garrus did while Shep was dead in ME2, does shout outs so much better. I generally prefer to put mine in where the story happens to have room for them, like when Alex needed an alias in inPrototype and I chose "Sly Cooper". Broadly speaking, if you can't remove or replace  the reference without the story ceasing to make sense, it's too vital. If you need to know what the shout-out is in order to make sense of what its doing in the story, it's too vital.

In ME:I, there's a scene where Garrus and co get their hands on weapons reminiscent of those from Team Fortress 2, even discussing how much it costs to fire the weapon. This helps to underline the amount of money their employer has. Thing is, it's not a one-off. Garrus keeps thinking of how expensive the mini is during the following action sequence. It's integrated into the story, and can be understood even if one doesn't catch the reference. It's not just some joke shoved in without consideration for whether it fits the tone or not.

Project Gethinator is a light-hearted story, but it at least supposedly has a serious core. Think some of the latter Discworld books. Once you stop portraying the Reapers as an ancient and incomprehensibly powerful force--think space robot Cthulhu--and reduce them to the level of a script kiddie from 4Chan, you might as well be writing a crackfic.

Imagine, say, Inception, or the Dark Knight. Now imagine the dudes from the Hangover suddenly show up. It's not going to work very well.
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Guys, did you like Taken?

Did you wish it was a TV Series starring Ashley Judd?

Well, you're in luck!

Seriously, Judd has this way of going from "normal human" to "Jack Bauer" in about half a second. It's really, really creepy.


Apr. 2nd, 2012 12:28 pm
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I was hiding from Husks from Mass Effect 3 in a room in my cousin's house, along with several other people, including a girl whose big brother was an ex-con whose eyes were starting to go glowy, meaning he'd be a Husk soon, so he had left her with us. After a while of hiding in terror, occasionally peeking under the door to see if the Husks were still out there--apparently until they full converted they were basically zombies--we turned out the lights and realized the girl's eyes were glowing.

So we sent her into the next room, where Carlos Gomez was playing a bad comedian with worse hair sitting around waiting for company. Think Coolio circa 1993. He was glad to have someone to talk to, and we didn't tell him that she would rip him to pieces soon.
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Note that they specifically acknowledge that they knew Korra would never be gay.

It's also very sad that one's only interest in the show was that one thought it might have a lesbian in it. Or at least an asexual you can pretend is really lesbian. This is just as shallow as someone choosing not to watch a show because it has gay people in it. Heck, I'm a conservative Christian, and my default reaction to gay characters is "ehh", unless it reaches fanfic levels of the new guy being the morally ambiguous bisexual former lover/professional partner of the main character who finds his estranged (also evil) brother and wears a ridiculous coat with no shirt.

And that's why I don't watch Torchwood.
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I just had one of those dreams where it's a dream, and you know it's a dream, and characters from the BBC's Sherlock are apparently living in your house and are about to be framed by two women for My Little Pony graffiti in your living room.

Does anyone else have those?

And doesn't it suck when you wake up just before they catch the culprits?
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Someone on my deviantWatch just made a post saying that Olivia from SVU is a stronger female character than Beckett from Castle, who is apparently a Mary Sue.

Okay, it is kind of interesting to look at Beckett in isolation, compared to the way she was "designed"; as Castle's counterpart and Love Interest, and he for her. Both characters are intended to complement each other. Beckett doling out little tidbits actually reinforces her emotional isolation, especially in comparison to how Castle will cheerfully talk about details of his personal life, or accidentally let personal details slip. Beckett is a lot more strategic in her small talk (and yes, I speak from experience). As for her heels, she's a fashion-conscious detective, and we all have our vices. Detectives don't actually do that much running.

She has been used as a distraction, but she's an attractive women and knows it. The team has no problem using Castle in exactly the same fashion. "Hey, famous playboy good-looking writer, go over there and distract people!" Most of the time, IIRC, Kate is the one who decides to be a distraction, and on one occasion her sexy act saved Castle's life. And most importantly, she's the head of a three-man detective team, and had a deeper backstory than the title character of the show. The show plays fast and loose with "realism" in the first place; just ask someone with relevant knowledge about the steampunk episode.

The funny thing is that they really like every other female character on the show, but somehow missed the point of the female lead. If they're doing such a good job on everyone else, maybe you're just misreading the character. I mean, TVTropes can't find anything really objectionable about the show. TVTropes.

Speaking of which; yes, the female characters on Everybody Hates Chris tend to be irritating jerks. Just like the male characters.
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My face is not a rose.

It is also not white, but that's secondary to it not being a rose.

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More specifically, he apparently lived in my house (back in the Bahamas), and was approached by some old guy in a sweater with "OSS" on the front. The OSS is the agency that became the CIA, and he wanted to take Molly gun training.

Not Alexis Castle. Molly Quinn, the actress who plays her. I know for a fact that if I were around the right age, I would spend as much time in Alexis' presence as possible. I'd be playing the best friend who likes the girl but never plucks up the courage to say so. Anyway, I get into the back of a van in the driveway, and Martha, Alexis' grandma, is in the front seat. I point out that as an attractive and intelligent young woman, Alexis is a perfect candidate for spy training. Martha isn't worried one bit.

Then I woke up having to poop.
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In "The Last Roundup", we finally get to hear "Derpy Hooves". She's klutzy and has a "idiot" voice. More specifically, she has the same type of voice as Ed from "Ed, Edd, and Eddy". She is wildly popular in fandom because of an animation mistake in her eyes, and then fans liked her, giving her the name. This episode had the name confirmed.

Now, of course, some people are saying her portrayal is ableist.

More specifically, the eyes, combined with her "stupid" voice, general klutziness, and now canon-confirmed name resemble a stereotype.

look, torches and pitchforks )
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Really? Really? They're "ripping off" a franchise that has had two very successful adaptations in recent memory? One that's in the public domain? One just about every single fictional detective since owes something to?

Think about it; how many successful "brilliant investigator who irritates people" series' have there been in the past 15 years? House, Psych, the Psych spinoff The Mentalist, Monk, Bones, upcoming Bones spinoff The Finder, CSI, CSI spinoff CSI: Sunglasses, etc. I'm more concerned about it getting lost in the noise, like that joke about someone going to see Hamlet and describing it as a bunch of famous quotes strung together. Unless it has something really special, something to distinguish it from that other show in New York where the two leads have gobs of sexual tension, It'll be a needle in a pinstack.
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"So, what were you up to last night?" said John, as he sat down to his laptop. "You didn't come in before I went to bed."

Sherlock yawned. "Worried about me? I'm a big boy, John. I can write my own checks and everything."

"As your doctor, I have to recommend that you get a healthy amount of sleep. Or any amount of sleep. Any at all."

"Nothing strenuous. Just a little bondage."

"Ah. Did someone handcuff you to a radiator again?"

"No, I wasn't the one restrained."

"Ah. So you were the one doing the handcuffing."

"No, she was already restrained when I got there."

His roommate turned from his computer, locked his hands around his mug as if to protect it from whatever Sherlock was about to say, and looked him in the eye.


It's not smutty. Not exactly.

I really like this format, where it's just two people talking to each other. That was basically the premise for one of my most popular fics. Just banter, banter, banter. I'm not sure how it'll hold up over a longer format, but that's what I'm going to find out.


Jan. 18th, 2012 07:44 pm
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Watch the Serlock Series 2 finale.

Then watch and listen to this music video.

Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light

Then boggle.
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I don't normally reblog Tumblr images (PNG? Seriously?) but when I do, I prefer vaguely impressionist fan-graphics.

Seriously, there's some nice stuff here.
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This is Irene Adler, professional name "The Woman", introduced in "A Scandal in Belgravia", the first episode of the second series of the BBCs hit series "Sherlock", which is more or less the Doyle books set in the modern day. For example Watson's stories are now a popular blog, and Holmes still scoffs at the absence of science and logic in the comments.

Like, oh, just about every version of Holmes in existence, she's portrayed as a love interest to the sexually oblivious Holmes. Holmes helps people for a living, out of the sheer intellectual joy of it. Adler's a professional dominatrix, who is decidedly not in her line of work for intellectual reasons. Holmes is basically asexual, Irene is bi, and hits on everyone, everywhere, all the time. Sherlock wears the same basic outfit at all times, Adler has an large closet. Sherlock is smart, so is she. Sherlock is Connected, so is she. Adler's sleeping with her assistant/partner, and Sherlock isn't, no matter what the fanfics say. Said assistant is, naturally, submissive, while Watson is anything but to Sherlock. Und so weiter.

Basically, she's just begging to have fanfic written about her. In fact, she's like a fanfic Mary Sue, only better written, with actual flaws and weaknesses and stuff, like her habit of objectifying people. Sherlock turns people into puzzles. She turns people into sexual objects. And then blackmails them; the letter from A Scandal in Bohemia is turned into a camera-phone, and the question becomes not merely finding it, but figuring out the password.

A brief aside: the show actually does update the themes of the Doyle canon to the modern day. Sherlock uses nicotine patches instead of opium, and the close friendship with Watson is viewed, by modern sensibilities, as very, very gay. It's a running gag in the series, despite Watson's parade of girlfriends (he was a ladykiller in the Doyle canon, and modern interpretations, led by the Ritchie films, have stived to restore him to his status as Holmes competent, ladykilling partner, rather than the popular image of a bumbling nincompoop of a sidekick). The actors admit it, the producers admit it. So we have, of course, slashfics. There's even a very, very popular kinkmeme.

Some fans don't like Irene, sez TVTropes, which confused me. Why would any significant amount of people not like h--

Oh. Hang a sec, this'll take some explanation.

"Supernatural" is a show about two denimed brothers who travel the country slaying monsters and ghoulies and long-leggedy beasties in a cool car and are more than a little codependent. One of the running gags of the show is jokes about how people think they're gay, despite their denials.

This woman is Bela, a brown-haired upper-class Englishwoman with a traumatic past who..."collects" and sells supernatural artifacts to the highest bidder. She's the amoral yin to our boys' yang. Also, she's a more realistic version of Lara Croft.

While she is attracted to Dean, the older and shorter of our two denim-clad balls of daddy issues, there is basically no chance they're ever going to be in a relationship, or even sleep together. He simply does not trust her, and for good reason. Bella is a fan-favorite character in the female-dominated, slash-heavy fanbase, for all her resemblance to, again, a better-written fanfic Mary Sue. Sex positive, competent, an occasional guest star who's a counterpart for the main characters, has her own adventures, and is almost completely ignored in fanfics in favor of slashing the two male leads.

Jo Harvelle started out the show as a wannabe monster hunter, a daughter of a hunter, with a crush on Dean. Fans didn't like her much. A few seasons later, she showed up with more maturity, but most importantly, telling Dean she wouldn't sleep with him even if it was the last night on Earth. (As it probably was.) The fanbase loved her.

You may be noticing a pattern here.

The bottom line is that whatever female-dominated slash-heavy fanbases may say, they don't want Strong Female Characters. They want Strong Female Characters who can be easily ignored for their slashfics. Though to be fair, they do this with het shipping too. Just look at the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" fandom. Or better yet, don't.
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>copy the URL in Firefox
>paste it into Chrome
>picks up exactly where I left off in Firefox

I want to find whoever is responsible for this and buy them a packet of biscuits or something. That's just excellent usability, it really is.
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"Comedy uses familiar stereotypes to get laughs!"

"How do you feel about the fact that audiences see comdies by creators like Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and James Franco as more genuine and authentic than female-centric rom-coms?"

"Having Chinese slang in Firefly shows the influence of Eastern culture a lot better than actually having any Asians on the show."

"I think it's antifeminist to say real gay men should have any say in slash."
"Arkham City isn't misogynist, just heavy-handed in portraying misogyny!"

"Rose Tyler was objectively the best companion!"

"If it's wrong to erase bisexuality and homosexuality, then isn't it wrong to ignore canonical heterosexuality for the purposes of fanfic?"

"Shouldn't you be more considerate of the feelings of people you disagree with?"

Ah, this is fun.


Nov. 14th, 2011 11:27 am
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The Law and Order crew were intervening in unrest at my old high school, with Cyrus Lupo, Connie Rubirosa as a cop, and SWAT teams.

I was in it, and was getting harassed by one of those actors who's in everything playing secondary characters. He was the head of the SWAT teams.

He said to his guys that the people you have to watch out for aren't the Michael Westens (Burn Notice), but the The people who are Westen to Westen. Via dream logic, I understood that to mean if Mike's fanboys had their own fanboys. Think the Cutie Mark Crusaders from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, now imagine they had their own sidekicks. Or imagine these guys had their own imposters.

Heck, I doubt BN's Sugar could lead a Sunday School group through Disneyland. Just imagine what would happen if he started fooling around with automatic weapons. Imagine the narration.

"Look, when you're making an elaborate sting to take down a drug dealer, you need stealth, cunning, and something he wants. He wants drugs. We can use the drugs to get him into, like, a vulnerable position, and BAM! Leave him for the cops."
"Sugar, that's kinda vague."
"So we'll improvise. It always works for Mike!"
"But he's a guy who used to be a spy."
"Look, I know we're not as good as him, but how hard could it be?"
"Are you trying to get us killed?"

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