Feb. 4th, 2012

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>accidentally resize firefox window
>notice the Photoshop window I finished with three hours ago

That explains a lot.
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My face is not a rose.

It is also not white, but that's secondary to it not being a rose.

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I can pretend, for the sake of the story, that a certain confluence of random events could end up becoming a virulent, sentient virus, turning the crew of the space station into monsters.

However, I can't buy that the scientists had the animals on board to study their reproduction, yet the resulting abomination of a species was exclusively--and, ahem, prominently--male, even if the station was crewed entirely by men.

Much better to simply have the animals be pets of the personnel, present at the accident, and all male.

Also, don't try to sell us on the species being the good guys because they just want to be left alone. I admit, it was rather clever to have them seem like mindless monsters, then it turns out they're sentient, but it doesn't change the fact that they are a blight upon the galaxy who could easily infect the next ship that comes along, unless you'd have the government spending a lot of effort guarding the station. In fact, precisely that happens during the course of the story, when pirates come straight in when they get our initial group's distress beacon. And what happens if some lunatic or nation decides to just point the station at an enemy planet? The species is nearly invincible. Even nukes don't work; they'd just kill the sentience of the members who still have it.

Basically, you're arguing that the government should just let the lab full of experimental tech that the virulent adaptive species can integrate with just sit there, based on the minority claim that they just want to be left alone. That and 60p will get you some crisps.


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