Jan. 26th, 2012

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More specifically, he apparently lived in my house (back in the Bahamas), and was approached by some old guy in a sweater with "OSS" on the front. The OSS is the agency that became the CIA, and he wanted to take Molly gun training.

Not Alexis Castle. Molly Quinn, the actress who plays her. I know for a fact that if I were around the right age, I would spend as much time in Alexis' presence as possible. I'd be playing the best friend who likes the girl but never plucks up the courage to say so. Anyway, I get into the back of a van in the driveway, and Martha, Alexis' grandma, is in the front seat. I point out that as an attractive and intelligent young woman, Alexis is a perfect candidate for spy training. Martha isn't worried one bit.

Then I woke up having to poop.
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I just saw someone in the Cracked comments section argue that British cupboards are actually pretty big, so the Dursleys sticking Harry Potter in one wasn't abusive.

Also, they said "The world was almost destroyed and humanity subjugated to witchdom because of Harry's meddling."

The world was almost conquered by Voldemort, not "witchdom". And if you don't know that the proper term, by the books, is "wizardom" or "the Wizarding World", then I strongly doubt your accuracy in any matter related to them.

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