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I see you've finally gotten around to the original trilogy.

Luke's player to keeps making references to Quick Time Events and autosaves and suchlike. He is playing a tabletop RPG. Yes, he's never played before, naive farmboy, ha ha. Problem is, he should know the difference between Final Fantasy and DnD, no matter how much of a gamer he is. If he's doing this as some sort of joke, please have another character at least point it out somehow.

It is not funny.

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Last year we were given all kinds of [poo-poo] for the Duke Nukem booth babes. How could we allow women to be used as sex symbols just to sell a game? How could we allow them on the show floor in their school girl outfits while children and families were walking around? We were vilified for not kicking them off the show floor on the very first day. Now, exactly one year later I am also a monster, but now it’s because I am “punishing women” by asking them to cover up. I’ve been asked why I find the female body to be “obscene” and told that I must really hate women.

Hopefully you can see now why I find this so [gently caressing] ridiculous.

How about all of you that hate me get together and have your own conference. I need you to decide if half naked girls are empowered or exploited because I’m doing my [gently caressing] best here and it’s apparently always wrong. I swear to God I don’t understand how I’m supposed to know if I’m promoting the patriarchy or criminalizing the female body.
Incidentally, this was the same comic that was incorrectly accused of condoning rape, even long after they categorically denied that they condoned rape. They were also said to be ignoring complaints about the strip in question, when they specifically stopped selling t-shirts based on it because it would make people uncomfortable at PAX.

Everything you do is wrong? This is what it's like being famous, Mike. Get used to it.
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What do you want me to do?  LEAVE?  Then they'll keep being wrong!

Last night, I informed someone who was very emotionally involved in a certain wank that a claim they made was factually wrong.

Thankfully, they did not flame me, not yet. Someone else did. I think. I didn't see for sure, because I saw the wall of text through squinting eyes and closed the email. I knew, I knew, I knew they were going to rationalize it away and get mad at me, and I did it anyway, because I couldn't bear to let a falsehood abide.

I really should stop doing that.
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I Have the Worst Dog
by *hellcorpceo on deviantART

This is why I'm a cat person.

>implying cats don't do this
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Turns out he's the kind of person who can only argue against straw men, then whines about it when people point out he's not responding to what they're actually saying, responding with accusations of "brow-beating", "dishonesty" and "being uncivil". And he's a Ayn Rand fan, which seems to have something to do with his "I am always right" vaguely-Randian viewpoint. That's one of my biggest problems with Objectivism. No one wants to think they're the small constraining the great.

Hey, what are the odds -- five Ayn Rand fans on the same train!  Must be going to a convention.

I've heard.

Dec. 1st, 2011 08:10 pm
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I've heard that one way to have confidence in social situations is to imagine the people you're talking to in their underwear.

I've also heard that you can imagine how, if needed, you would kill any given person in the room.

No one has ever recommended combining the two.
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The creator of a popular webcomic has made a parody by editing the text bubbles of a NSFW page.

The webcomic is Menage A 3, which is about a random nerdy guy who has two hot women show up to be his roommates. According to the Bad Webcomics Wiki, one is a bisexual rocker and the other is a ditzy, buxom French-Canadian.

This explains why the "parody" isn't actually funny, because Red Hood and the Outlaws is about a dorky guy who happens to be a competent crimefighter, his cool best friend, and the walking fanservice-blob known as Starfire. The "parody" can't make fun of that without effectively making fun of itself. It'd be like Ike Turner making a song about how bad Hank Pym's wifebeating is while he's still beating his wife.

If you think I'm joking, here, have the rocker stripping and jumping into bed with ma'amoiselle and sleeping on her boobs. With NSFW nudity and that horrible, horrible cat pillow.

You know how everyone hates Kender from Dragonlance because they "cutely" borrow other people's stuff and forget that they did because they have a different concept of property and short attention spans? (More NSFW analysis.) Rocker-grrrrrl has a flaw of tossing people into sexual situations and groping people. Y'know, just a little sexual harassment and assault and manipulation.

Ha ha, it's so wacky and lighthearted and not incredibly creepy at all and totally different from what the comic did to Starfire.
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Dear bestselling author John Ringo,

So I've reached chapter 24 of "When the Devil Dances",(spoilers) and there's a tank named after a Sluggy Freelance character, Bun-Bun.

I'm always ranting about how intrusive shout-outs often are in fanfics. I've relaxed my stance on that a little. There's a time and a place, folks, a time and a place. And I've noticed your habit, Mr. Ringo, of having characters make references to movies and stuff. This is backed up by your own afterword stating that you found Kipling was popular among the doughboys while you were still serving, and the fact that people occasionally look at the character making the reference and having no idea what they're talking about. They're mimetic references, rather than fanfic's usual diegetic ones.

[ profile] seriousfic has some stories taking place after Tron: Legacy when Sam occasionally makes a few references to pop-culture stuff. The story is tight-third person, so it makes sense when the narrative makes these references as well. Fanfics that are lighter in tone can "get away" with larger amounts of it, such as my own Fila Derrouge, though even those can sink under the weight of "wacky injoke lol".

In the chapter I linked to, there is a piece of...artillery, to understate,that has recently been decorated with a picture of SF's Bun-Bun with a switchblade and the phrase "Let's Rock, Posleen-boy!"

I know your target audience is, well, geeks, but expecting all--or even most--of them to get a reference to a then-five year old comic strip seems...unprofessional. As does the idea of the crew
drawing the thing in the first place. As does the series of other wacky injokes (lol) that follow. You mention that they were going to clear it with the higher-ups, but hadn't got a chance to.


The closest thing something like this has come to happening in the real world, AFAIK, is a bunch of Boy Scouts with a Dr. McNinja patch.

This is not helped by the fact that I have only a vague idea what the references they're making are. I know very little about SF; it's part of the general geekery background noise, like Monty Python or Warhammer 40K. I was completely lost. At least with the poetical stuff, the reader can generally grok that it's poetical stuff. Same with pop-culture references. This is just...irritating. and I've really been liking the series so far.


EDIT: One of the characters mentioned "Bun-Bun" to a random officer, who not only knew what he was talking about, and he happened to be a big fan. So we have two people, in the middle of the apocalypse, who happen to have read the same webcomic. Most fanfics wouldn't try to get us to believe that.
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I would really like to know if it is possible to cram any more stereotypically 90s scholkyness into one image. They're not wearing enough pouches, for one thing, though the straps around their thighs that are attached to and held up by nothing are a nice touch. The following page only gets more ridiculous and NSFW; a vampire bursts through the window of a bathroom where a Hot Nun™ has apparently just stepped out of the shower. She also seems to have two crosses, but since I'm not Catholic, I'll assume one is a rosary. What does puzzle me is the text's reference to how her curves are noticed by local boys when they hit her with a Super Soaker. Habits are generally made of draping black cotton, which wouldn't really make her curves noticeable wet or dry, unless it's one of those tissue-paper habits I've been hearing so much about.

What follows is gratuitous violence, gratuitous clothing, gratuitous religious references, and gratuitous police officers. Also, Vampires seem to strip naked when converted(except for hair decorations and earrings, of course), and the cops are forbidden to tell anyone about them. Also, if someone commits suicide, the blood apparently spatters toward the hand with the gun, not away. Seriously, which way is that body supposed to be facing? There seems to be an awful lot of the head intact.

I'd post a few bits on Scans_Daily, except for the part where I am worried it might kill someone with sheer indignation.

And now, to counterbalance the fail, a bacon scarf.


I'm not sure if it'll unsex me to say so, but those are a nice pair of dresses.
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And chainsawsuit's "parody".

Nice job, Straub. You only managed to completely miss the point of the strip. The original specifies a particular IRC channel, at a particular time. Given that Black Hat often represents Randall's wish-fulfilment dark side, strawmanning it out to "girls on the Internet at some unspecified point in time" is kinda cheap. You have to completely misrepresent the comic to make a Take That. And the type of guys who make "make me a sandwich" jokes on Youtube videos? If they had the self-awareness to argue like that, they likely wouldn't be making the joke in the first place. Don't you talk about "white-knighting". There are perfectly valid reasons to call someone on the internet out on being a dick, and the primary one is the fact that they're being a dick.

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I like your comic. It's like Gone With the Blastwave, except actually updating. However, I have two little niggles;

1. You host the images from your deviantART gallery. You make band covers and photograph nekkid ladies for a living; you can afford to spend money on bandwidth.
2. It is 2010. No one uses Progressive JPEGs anymore.

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My coworker saw a cross-promo ad for the LG Versa and the new Transformers movie, and expressed his disgust that it sold out.

And then a few days later Dave Willis drew this.
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One of the webcomics I follow just smacked its readers about the head with large anvils, including entirely unironic use of the word "consumerist"

I'm have the sneaking suspicion he's wrong about pretty much everything in the comic, but I'm juuust a little too lazy to Google.

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