Mar. 22nd, 2012

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Interest in guns and the military.
Hatred of hipsters.
Hot women.
Using "adorbz" non0ironically.
Drooling over puppies.

All on the same blog.
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Pinkie Pie's strange abilities, such as breaking the fourth wall and behaving like an archetypical cartoon character, only work when it would be funny.

Which is not the same as your apparent belief that her using them automatically makes things funny.

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After a while, I took to wearing baggy jumpers in the hope of diverting wandering eyes. In student bars, cafes and even libraries, meanwhile, I was constantly being propositioned by floppy-haired boys freshly released from boarding school.

Even though I had a boyfriend back home, the fact I had big boobs seemed to send out a message to them that I must be fair game.

Ignoring my far more attractive female friends, they would slip notes into my bag or leave them in my pigeon hole asking me out for a date.
I know I'm expecting a lot of the Daily Mail, considering it's the Daily Mail, but is this woman actually complaining that people find her more attractive than others because she has bigger boobs? I can understand the dislike of the unwanted attention, but to declare your friends "more attractive" as if that's an objective, universal assessment seems...odd.

But he scuppered the relationship when he admitted I ‘reminded him of a secretary’. By that, I assume he meant the clothes I wore were a little too revealing. But like Madeline, I didn’t see why I should dress like a nun just because I happened to be a DD cup.
Wait, wait, you "assume" that's what he meant? When I think 'secretary' or 'receptionist', my first thought isn't 'skimpy clothes'. Actually, I think of Harvey's secretary on "Suits", who dresses nicely but not in a particularly provocative fashion. And why are the only two options nun or secretary? Even assuming it's exaggerated, there's a middle ground.

At work, though, as a reporter starting out on a local newspaper, the only way to be taken seriously was to dress as conservatively as possible.

I invested in a selection of androgynous black suits and I kept the jackets buttoned up at all times.

Even that didn’t deter a room full of firefighters from giving me the once over when I arrived at the local fire station to shadow a night shift.
From the photos supplied with the article, the writer is an attractive woman. Yet she's complaining that men looked at her like she was, well, an attractive woman.

When I was sent off to learn how to Morris dance, I ended up rapping my dancing partner over the knuckles with my bells after catching him gawping down my top.
She considers physical attack an appropriate response? Would she have done the same if the gawker had been another woman? How about if a woman was caught gawking at a man?

I once even caught the local mayor taking a quick peek. I was there to cover a town council meeting, but his eyes were certainly not on my notebook.

Show a little cleavage and you are likely to be gawped at, no matter where — or who — you are.
So even if you wear low-cut tops, men should not even peek at one's boobs, ever, and it's entirely their fault if they do. I think I got it.

There are some disgusting allegations of apparent sexism from her ex-colleagues later on, though I wonder how she caught them "red-handed" lusting at her photos. It seems more likely that it would be some other color than red, if you catch my drift.
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As I've blogged, Social Justice advocates--those campaigning against racism, sexism, and just about anything else that has an "ism" on the end--are often full of crap. I'm not saying they don't have good intent, just lousy and sometimes actively damaging execution. At some point, a lot of people started caring more about Being Right than actually changing anything. Those on Tumblr are a particularly virulent strain, seeing as that website is exceptional at indulging everyone's Special Snowflake side.

And then there are the tumblr transsexuals, who seem to run on nothing but rage and hate and frustration.

"Gender[doggie]", like I said before, says she's not on the website to teach anyone anything. Which means, logically, that what she is there to do is yell at people and get her rage on. You know how feminist websites often seem to be trying to actively alienate the very people they're allegedly trying to communicate with? Imagine that, turned up to eleven. And then someone snapped the knob off.

You know how many SJ sites say that the opinion of [majority] isn't relevant or correct unless it aligns with the opinions of [minority in question] or a social justice advocate claiming to represent such? I keep running into transsexuals on tumblr who think that cisgendered people have no right to have an opinion on transpeople, or join a conversation about such.

At all.

I took one of those posts, and pointed out that for a member of a group complaining about oppression and silencing, Mr Spencer "sure seems quick to tell cissexual people what opinions they’re allowed to have and how they should express them".

Okay, perhaps I shouldn't have tagged the post "hypocrisy", "hypocrite" and "logic".

His response was basically "!!!"

The funny thing is that one of his little friends did that incredibly pretentious roleplaying thing. Specifically, they said they were doing something to me, ~in between tildes~. I didn't bother to check what. The only other people I've seen do something like that are furries. They were using the same ego-protection mechanics as furries do. Jesus Christ, that's sad.

That's not a curse, that's a prayer. I actually feel sorry for Spenser and people like him now. Not because they're trans, but because they've built up their rage and their pain into a wall that they keep the world on the other side of, and they absolutely refuse to let anyone tear it down and expose the tear-streaked, scared little children hiding inside where the bad people can't get to them. The need to belong, no matter who to, can be a powerful thing, and it often leads down some very dark roads. It is possible to be trans and a healthy, well adjusted human being, but it often takes a lot of work, and it may seem easier to build that wall. All I can do is hope that someday they let the world in.

Come to think, I feel that way about a lot of people.

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