Jan. 17th, 2012

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The creator, Andrew Hussie, announced the eight lead characters are aracial, and were supposed to be from the start.

Everyone thought they were white.

So now we have one of those arguments on the MSPA forums where one really pissed off person starts making sardonic responses to people who disagree with them. This person is also waving around their race card every five minutes.

(My race card I keep in a locked cabinet, and requires two men with keys to release it. I just use one hand and my toes.)

And, naturally, people keep informing her(?) that she should try not being a jerk to everyone, and that she has gotten much better responses when she explains things calmly.

Her response is to say that Hussie wasn't nice, so she doesn't have to be nice.

People reminded her that it's his comic, and he was acting in exactly the same fashion he normally does.

Also, Hussie corrected a reference or two that seemed to be referring to white kids. Keep in mind that Homestuck is in the thousands of pages. He most likely slipped up a few times.

Of course, the wanker is calling him "disingenuous". They're weasel-wording around saying he's a liar. See also "don't believe what you're saying" and "I never said that" in the annals of not-exactly dishonest Internet debating techniques.

Of course, the wanker has no problem assuming she's talking to white people, since POCs couldn't possibly disagree with her. She also has no problem making it about Hussie's opinion being valued over hers because she's black and he's white, when people have explained to her exactly how that's not the case.

And the fandom on tumblr is more talking about the wank and going "bwuh"? than actually wanking.

I seriously can't believe over a creator giving them more freedom in their interpretation of the characters, and they complained about it.

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You know the standard-issue cast of the Hapless Everyman, the Experienced Traveller, and the Girl. Basically, Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, and every female lead from an Urban Fantasy Book Ever. So they are walking around back allies, and encounter a zombie. Ford-knockoff tells Dent not to call the zombie "undead", because he doesn't like it.

Naturally, during the ensuing conversation, Dent calls the zombie an "undead", to which he snippily responds by declaring he's "living challenged", and Ford tries to smooth things over. Y'know, standard Terry Pratchett scenario.

No, wait, he tries to kill them.

Seriously. He gets so pissed off at the "insult" that he immediately tries to hunt them down, and they barely manage to get away, at which point he goes to their house and lies in wait. They come home, get guns, and wait for it to get dark. You know how you know stuff in dreams you don't know in reality? The dream actually informs me, watching all this, that their guns can see. They evolved a symbiotic relationship; in exchange for protection, they linked up with their nervous system and provided better vision range.

This turns out to be absolutely useless as crazy undead guy slaughters Ford, then Dent, then Girl, in the blink of an eye.

So, yeah. This would be one of the darker Gaiman books. Something TVTropes would label a Deconstruction. Not the Discworld type, the "rocks fall, everyone dies" type.
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White family. Mixed scrubland/savannah. Driving on the left, English on t-shirts. Not in the US. Most likely somewhere in the British commonwealth or former British colony. Recent video, warm climate present in the Southern Hemisphere. Areas most likely with English as first language and the requisite biomes are are Australia and New Zealand. Quick check on the band's website reveals they are, in fact, Aussies. If forced to guess one from the video, would've gone with Australia because better odds by population.


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