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I did this by splitting up what was going to be Chapter 1-02 into Chp 1-02 and 1-03.

Don't look at me like that. It was 14 pages when I split, and that was before I even finished it. Now I have an 8 pg chapter I can plop on FF.n and the LJ comm the second I finish the commentary.

Then go back a day later to correct all my misspellings.
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Y'know, what with her black belt and experience in several martial disciplines and all.
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Here we go.

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in this sort of thing, please refer it to them. Thanks.
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inFamous/Prototype mashup.

A man wakes up on a morgue slab with no idea who he is. His toe tag says "Alex J. Cole", there are strange men after him, and he was apparently at ground zero during a terrorist attack. Naturally, the military has sealed the island where the attack took place, as well as the two adjacent islands. Cut off from the world, the people of this part of Empire city are going to have to fend for themselves against feral gangs, strange creatures, an army of transients, and some of the military themselves. What they need is a hero. What Cole needs is to find who he was and what happened.

This is a really bad idea. Not because I don't like writing--I do--or because I don't think I'm up for it--I am--or because the idea itself is flawed, it's just that I have a lot of crap to write. I have a fics dating back to 2005 I've yet to finish, and that's not to mention all the actual original stories I have ideas for, including a book I've been working on in one form or another since 2001, or my art, or my schoolwork(not necessarily in that order). To do the concept it justice, I'd basically have to write an entire novel.

...Chapters one and two are mostly done.


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