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Alex: I am a popular science fiction author. Here is an article talking about how Straight White Men have an advantage over everyone else.
Bob: I am a SWM, and I have a chronic illness. Nonetheless, I am expected to take up more responsibility simply because I am a SWM. I have also been discriminated against and turned down for jobs explicitly because I am a SWM. People have told me this to my face. There are also several programs for social and financial assistance for minorities, and effectively none for white men. Discrimination does exist, but it happens to everyone and it needs to be looked at on an individual basis.
Cameron: Where are these mythical minorities who are discriminating against white people? Your experiences don't invalidate those of minorities discriminated against by white people.
Me: Reginald Denny got stomped into a mudhole because he was a white guy in the wrong neighbourhood. Here's the Wikipedia link.
Cameron: (never responds)
Bob: I never said minorities people were not discriminated against. I'm saying that white people are discriminated against too.
Cameron: Racism against white people? Ask any minority, they'll tell you differently.
Me: I'm a minority, a Black immigrant, and I agree with him.
Cameron: Well, uh, white people have created the system that oppresses minorities-
Me: All of them? Blaming all white people for stuff some of them did would be like blaming every black person for the Denny incident.
Cameron: Honest question: Is racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and whatever, do they still exist?
Me: People discriminate against whites. Men have a higher suicide rate and much lower chance of getting a female rapist or domestic abuser prosecuted or even charged. People think rich people are evil and out of touch. Bisexuals are discriminated against by gays. Yes, they exist, and they aren't just from majorities against minorities. In fact, when I look at your posts in this thread, you have literally never even mentioned the possibility that white people might have disadvantages because they are white.

There were also people calling Bob a troll. Did you know that if someone says something that makes you angry, they're a troll?
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