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Guy shoots someone in a state with Stand Your Ground; it's because guns are evil, and Stand Your Ground laws are evil, and every politician who voted for them is directly responsible for the murder this guy committed because he thinks such laws will cover him, and America has a gun problem that directly caused this incident, not the actions of a single man.

I am not paraphrasing. This is literally what tumblr is saying.

This is pretty much the equivalent of complaining about violent video games because of Columbine. It's taking an isolated incident, and using it to generalize about literally every single gun owner in America. That's something like 40 million people for handguns alone, yet only a small percentage of gun owners use them to commit crimes. If I started generalizing about black people based on black crime, everyone would justifiably rip my head off, but it's suddenly okay to do so when gun ownership comes up. And this is coming from a pacifist guy who doesn't live in America, never has, doesn't own a gun, and probably never will, barring the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse.

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