Mar. 27th, 2012

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Artist makes a post on tumblr showing how a certain comic book artist, (the Joe Q. who didn't ruin Spider-Man) is good at drawing women's breasts that actually look like women's breasts.

Several reblogs later, two people have explained why, exactly, the more realistic breasts are preferable to the usual pneumatic monsters we normally see.

Someone calls out the post by saying "well drawn sexism is still sexism", and "Nothing like a little outright, unabashed objectification from a liberal to remind me why I’m not one."

To which a person I'm following responds "Oh, right, that’s how you miss a point entirely."

Also on their tumblr is a reblog of a post about how male sex drive in America is, among other things, portrayed as predatory, like in American Psycho. Which is weird, because I saw American Psycho, and Bateman explicitly states that he can't really feel much of anything. Even his romantic/sexual relationships are portrayed as false and hollow. I think the person who wrote it was just looking for films with "American" in the title and just saw the cover. The funny thing is that several of the portrayals of male sexuality in America are not positive at all, yet they pale in comparison to the lack of female sex shown, or something. It's one of those posts that are so vague and unfocused it's easy to think it supports whatever point you're trying to long as it's about the patriarchy or something.

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And the entire tumblr is that way. What type of loser fills up their blog with posts about social justice and the people who disagree with them?

Oh, wait.

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