Mar. 30th, 2012

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Social Justice Advocate: I have no real responsibility to educate people about mistakes they may have made or bigotry they may have.
Some guys: Hey, we're holding a men's only LAN party because we don't want women to be insulted.
SJA: Clearly, they're just too lazy to want to go through the effort of policing misogyny.

Incidentally, whenever someone pointed out that the complainer would have no problem with a women's only LAN-party was bought up on various blogs, the goalposts were moved from "making it male-only" to making it male-only for "the wrong reasons". Which makes me want to set up an event for women only and claim it's because they keep making misandrist comments and I don't want to make men uncomfortable, and then see if everyone holds the same positions. I'm betting lots of people who decried the LAN party would be saying men should just nut up and take it. Now all I need is a few hundred thousand dollars.

NOTE: I'm not saying the logic was sound. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy in saying only SJAs have the right not to want to deal with dicks any more than they have to.
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by ~HotaruArc on deviantART

There was a big Thing on tumblr when someone "fixed" this piece of art so Korra looked less white, because apparently they can't understand what happens when someone's skin and hair is exposed to high-intensity light at close range. The original artist was accused of "whitewashing" and exercising "white privilege", and the original recolorer (who may have a brown people fetish or something) has deleted his post. Which is pretty odd, because the artist, IIRC, said he's "mostly Asian", and as someone who has a skin tone very close to Korra's, I don't really find this piece inaccurate at all, and neither does this guy. Also, he's are apparently "condescending" and "dismissive", respectively.

At last count, thousands of notes all because someone doesn't know how light works.

Of course, if this had been my picture, I would've doubtless just posted a picture of me next to a picture of Korra, along with "carry on telling me about how I have white privilege". I might even have had it lit up like Korra, just for the extra passive-aggressiveness.
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If these people TRULY gave a [gentle caress] about racism, they would NEVER tell a POC like you that your opinion doesn’t matter and you should shut up. :/
Speaking as a black guy, sometimes POCs opinions don't matter and some of us should shut up.



Mar. 30th, 2012 07:57 pm
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You should not write that "Alice sees the form of Bob" unless shapeshifting or bodysnatching or suchlike is involved. If you want to convey uncertainty on Alice's part, say something like "Alice sees...Bob?" or "Alice sees what looks like Bob." Without uncertainty, it's just "Alice sees Bob."

Similarly, Carl's face does not "adopt a frown", unless you're implying the frown is a false expression, or the tone of the story actually requires such verbiage. "Carl frowned." There you go.

And it is not necessarily funny that you're breaking the forth wall, no matter how wacky the injoke.

Think of writing like a taxi; your job is generally to get the reader to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Purple prose is often the sign of someone writing like they think a writer "should" write, instead of using the writing to tell the story.

Read your stories aloud, and see if anyone talks that way. If you have difficulty saying it, it's generally time for a rewrite.
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Sometimes People of Color are wrong about racial things.

Actually, there is a way to logically end-run around that. Observe!

See! Totally not dehumanizing of anyone at all! It's just that when minorities agree with majorities, they're not really thinking for themselves, is all! They're just following the white person! That's not insulting in the slightest!

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