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If you are a crusader for A Cause, and oft find yourself frustrated at how hard it is to convince people of how right you are, there are three probable explanations.

1. You habitually argue with people who can't be convinced.
2. You are terrible at arguing.
3. You are wrong.

If you always think it's the first one, that actually makes it more likely that it's the second and/or third.
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That feminism managed to convince the world that the oppression of patriarchal societies placed women at the bottom in every single facet of life (even areas where they were elevated), in a position where they were utterly powerless and incapable of inflicting oppression, or where their only avenue to power and agency was through their usefulness as brood mares, domestic slaves and receptacles for male ejaculate, while men alone had the power necessary to oppress anyone, is a feat of sociopolitical chicanery worthy of Charles Ponzi.
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In a nutshell, we’ve proven that paying child support is in fact a greater burden in most senses of the word than pregnancy.  As such, from a moral standpoint, we can state that all arguments of rights aside, it is less moral to force a man to pay child support than it is to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term.  Let it be clear that this is not advocating forcing women to carry pregnancies to term!  It’s saying it isn't moral to do either.
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Feminists hate when women who want an abortion are told, “You should have thought of that when you had unprotected sex”, or “You should have just kept your legs closed!” They think it’s sexist and incredibly unfair. And you know what? I agree. Everyone makes mistakes and though I think everyone needs to be using birth control unless they want a child, they deserve a fallback option.
But then men come into the picture.
A man gets his girlfriend pregnant. He doesn’t want the baby; she does. He has no recourse and is hit up for a hefty child support payment.
What do feminists say when men complain?
“You should have thought of that before you had unprotected sex! You should have kept it in your pants!”
How is that even remotely fair? You can despise an argument when used against women, but you’ll turn around and use it for men? [read more]
I am seriously worried that I'm becoming That Guy Who Complains About Social Justice Stuff All The Time.

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