Mar. 25th, 2012

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Alex: You're so biased you can't even admit the study might be biased!
Me: Sure I can. The war study might be biased. Your turn. Can you say "the study might not be biased?"
Alex: I don't see why I should just to make you feel better. Yes, it might not be biased, but we shouldn't put any weight on that, because it might be biased.

This guy also argues that the Coalition is responsible for the Taliban's suicide bombings in Afghanistan because it was a "reasonable consequence" of the invasion. Personally, I don't think hanging an 8-year old boy as a spy or tricking an 8-year old girl into being a bomb mule is "reasonable".

Also, he kept accused someone of bias in favor of America, and specifically called him an American, and under the individuals profile picture it clearly says "Location: Montreal". He also said there's no evidence 9/11 was an attack on civilians.

He said there's no evidence 9/11 was an attack on civilians.
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Of course, like any site that thrives on pseudonymity, Reddit attracts its share of the sick and the deluded. There’s a subreddit, MensRights, “for people who believe that men are currently being disadvantaged by society,” and for years the site admins tolerated subreddits devoted to pictures of underage girls.
Men's Right's advocates are, far too often, misogynists. I'm not denying it. However, there is some gold in the muck, and anyone saying Internet Feminism should be thrown out because of the vast amount of misandry and double standards it has would have the sky come down on them. Ironically, such people are often accused of being MRAs merely for negatively criticizing Internet Feminism. I like how merely saying that men are disadvantaged by society is "sick and deluded" and comparable to distributing kiddie porn. Good job, Wired. Real good job.
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Bobbie: I'm asking you because you said Afghanistan never attacked us, which means you think someone other than al Qaeda, operating from Afghanistan and protected by the Taliban, perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

Can you answer the question?
Alex: Ooooh.
Tell me more of what I must think.

ETA: that was a sarcastic way of pointing out that your syllogism was faulty in case you didn't get that.
Drew: No one's telling you what you MUST think, we're asking you what you DO think.
Bobbie: Why did you say Afghanistan didn't attack us on 9/11?

Who did Alex?

Why can't you answer simple questions?
Alex: You stop acting like an idiot and I'll answer your questions, maybe even the idiotic ones.
Cody: Uh oh, truther rage alert. I predict total meltdown within 24 hours.
Bobbie: Who attacked us on Sept. 11, 2001 Alex? Was it al Qaeda, based in Afghanistan and protected by the Taliban?

Is this a hard question?
Alex: You seem to be trying to turn this thread into a truther thread. If you want to discuss this then why not go to the appropriate folder and join any discussion there?
Bobbie: Why did you claim Aghanistan didn't attack us Alex? Don't all your arguments in this thread stem from that claim?

Who attacked us on 9/11 David?
Me: I'll make popcorn.


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