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2012-10-22 10:47 pm
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That awkward moment when you realize the little girl you knew is now an attractive young woman.

That awkward moment when you realize she graduated high school four years after you.

That awkward moment when she has kids.

That awkward moment when you realize you may have just sent a friend request to the wrong person.
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2012-10-07 10:46 pm
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There was a very strange case on COPS where a man walked in on his mother having sex with his wife. As if this itself isn't ridiculous, he doesn't know how to react, so he calls the police hoping they can do something about this. His mother, seeing that he's calling the police, stabs him in the hand. When they get there, they arrest his mother while his wife screams after the car "She's 61 years old! You can't do that to her!"
- Makes Just as Much Sense in Context - TVTropes
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2012-10-03 04:47 pm

From a discussion on Kotaku.

Alex: I live in Brooklyn, and I've been called "white boy" in a pejorative manner by black people just for walking past them. I've also told a mixed-race female friend of mine that I like brown girls and she got offended. So, yes, people do sometimes tilt at windmills when it comes to race.
Bob: Since you're white, you need to be conscious of all the oppressing other white people have done and all the power other white people have. If they offended you, you shouldn't be hanging out with those people and they have no responsibility for deliberately offending you whatsoever. Also, you can't call a young woman a brown girl even in a literal sense because you're white and she was right to be offended even if she wasn't actually right about what your point was. I'm right because I'm a black guy, so stop complaining about people playing the race card.
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2012-10-01 01:04 pm
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Sitting in my bedroom after having some sandwiches.

Wonder what smells like pizza.

Realize it's my sandwich.

Realize I left a frozen pizza in the fridge a week ago and forgot about it.

Go downstairs the next morning.

Find pizza passed its best by date yesterday.

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2012-09-28 06:58 pm
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Suddenly, Jonathan realized that the new store that had opened a literal stone's throw away from his flat, on his way home from school, was a food store, and moreover, that they sold Pringles. Some quick research determined that they did not sell his beloved Honey BBQ, but instead the intriguing new flavor Macaroni and Cheese, as well as Steak and Onion.

'Twould be a long year, he thought grimly.
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2012-09-27 04:54 pm
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I saw a guy today I can only describe as "South Asian Jeremy Renner".

Yes, down to the haircut.
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2012-09-22 01:46 pm
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I found a fangirl saying that Sherlock is heterosexist because it makes fun of homosexuality.

Apparently, making jokes about how Sherlock and John's relationship can easily and reasonably be seen as homosexual is homophobic or something. Oh, and since John and Sherlock act like spouses, they should just be spouses. Of course, there's the minor fact that John has explicitly denied being gay or involved with Sherlock, and has had multiple straight relationships over the course of the series, and no known gay relationships. But those are just details to the dedicated slasher.

They also asserted that making Watson a woman in Elementary is "whitewashing" because it eliminates the chance for sexy gay funtimes. I'm not sure in which dictionary turning a white male character into a female Asian one is whitewashing. Maybe they could explain it to me, in words that people regularly use in conversational English, and not social justice blogs.
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2012-07-13 11:32 am

Dear person on tumblr;

You don't just get to "consider" your boyfriend your husband. And no, it is not idolatrous to require government approval, any more than it would be idolatrous to get a driver's license. Render unto Ceasar, remember? The Bible says get married. You make some good points elsewhere, but put a ring on it. Or, heck, ask him. It's a brave new world! Girls can actually do that now!


Yes, I am aware that some people have different ideas of Christianity. I'm merely expressing my disagreement with one of those ideas. I'm not going to find the individual, kick their door down, and force them to get married at gunpoint. My lawyer said to stop that.
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2012-06-27 12:59 am

Continuing with the theme;

I've also discovered a story series-with spinoffs-on the same Very Specific website as my previous post. Basically, there's a virus that changes people based on their whims, depending on what they are thinking when they come into contact with it, or their desire for an ideal body, or both. Strangely, all of their desires seem to fall into the same general area. Since it's the main subject of this Very Specific website, the most common, by far, is breast enlargement. Apparently a lot of people want breasts the size of a city block. Also, a woman gets a vagina for a mouth because she likes oral.

I'll give you a moment.

It's all so bleh. Yes, big dicks, extra breasts, a vajayjay where your face would be, the occasional hermaphrodite, but where's the variety? Sure, their was that one guy who basically became a pheremone-spewing Adonis, but he was the exception. Someone who apparently got an expansion fetish from watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and others were mentioned in the background.

Where are the furries? Where are the latex-clad kinksters? The size queens and leather daddies? Where's /d/? Why does everyone seem to have the same general set of fetishes? Why don't we hear about a grown man who turns into a little girl? Or a rapist who turns into an invisible nigh stalker with a dozen tentacles, each tipped with a blade? What about someone with a scat or watersports fetish?

And given that this virus is incredibly dangerous, why aren't people who have it quarantined? I mean, wouldn't there be a high risk of the people giving themselves block-sized boobs or turning themselves into giants accidentally killing someone?

Personally, the only real alterations I'd want is to get rid of the cyst on my wrist, immunity to wrist strain injury-I spend far too much time on the computer-and the ability to control the length of my body hair, including the ability to make it all fall out. I'd save a bundle on shaving crap. Of course, given that these wishes are invariably granted in the most sexual way possible, I'd probably end up with tentacles instead of hands, and my skin would turn to plastic or latex or something, like a doll. Which would make frying anything much riskier.

Come to think, what happens if a child is somehow infected?

Yes, I know I'm taking it far too seriously, thank you. IT'S KINDA MY THING
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2012-06-27 12:02 am

Let me get this straight;

Your Generic Male Protagonist's house is being fumigated. He decides this means he has to take the cat to work with him.

His work at the highly restricted chemical lab which doesn't allow pets.

He must've known that his house was going to be fumigated for an extended period, yet there are no nearby kennels, and he has no real friends. Except, of course, for his friend and co-worker, who has two cats of her own.

Why doesn't he ask her? He's shy.

So he puts the cat in the utility closet, and she's accidentally released when GMP's boss comes looking for him with a pink slip. That's reasonable. What is somewhat let reasonable is that the cat is able to see multiple people, none of which notice the orange cat hanging around, and then the cat manages to knock over several dangerous chemicals and start a major fire.

GMP rushes to see to it, and not only does the lab not have any sort of fire procedure or tools or exit, the nearest fire extinguisher outside the room is in a sealed glass box that has no way to open it. Our zero has to punch the glass case open. It's not even safety glass, and he cuts himself. And what does he need it for? To crack the glass door to the lab, of course, because if there's some kind of button for exiting in the event of an emergency, it's not working. At all.

Right, that's my suspension of disbelief utterly wrecked, and at about three pages in. Good job.
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2012-06-23 12:17 am

Let me get this straight;

Fic thanks its beta readers.
Latest chapter has about a dozen grammar errors that would've been noticed by any reasonably-alert seventh-grader, including basic tense usage.
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2012-06-22 09:11 am

Let me get this straight;

Public: Why don't you make a movie with a female lead character?
Pixar: What about Monsters Inc?
Public: She couldn't even really talk.
Dory: Finding Nemo?
Public: Dory shared the spotlight with Nemo and his dad.
Pixar: So being a co-protagonist doesn't count?
Public: Nope.
Pixar: But most of our movies have multiple leads.
Public: So?
Pixar: Fine. This is Merida, starring in Brave. She's a feisty, independent ginger Scottish princess.
Public: Ugh, why'd you make a bog-standard Disney princess?
Pixar: Excuse me?
Public: We wanted something original!
Pixar: Uh...
Public: And why are you making such a big deal about her being a girl?
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2012-06-10 06:07 am
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I was disproportionately excited by stumbling upon some frozen chicken I forgot I had in my freezer. Like finding a hidden Christmas present with my name on it in April. "Yay! Chicken!"
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2012-06-06 07:53 pm
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Bus driver, London

"Anyone? Anyone else for service to Bristol? Anyone want to come sit on a reasonably warm...ish bus? Sit it traffic for a while? No?"

Me: Hee.
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2012-05-29 10:50 am
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"the dreamers of the day are dangerous men"

Me: Guess I'll finally get around to reading The Seven Pillars of Wisdom now.
TE Lawrence: The chicks were ugly, so the men banged each other.
Me: Wait, what?
Lawrence: It's weird having two personas.
Me: Back up.
Lawrence: Let's talk about Arabia.
Me: Hang on a second-

The Arab was by nature continent; and the use of universal marriage had nearly abolished irregular courses in his tribes. The public women of the rare settlements we encountered in our months of wandering would have been nothing to our numbers, even had their raddled meat been palatable to a man of healthy parts. In horror of such sordid commerce our youths began indifferently to slake one another's few needs in their own clean bodies — a cold convenience that, by comparison, seemed sexless and even pure. Later, some began to justify this sterile process, and swore that friends quivering together in the yielding sand with intimate hot limbs in supreme embrace, found there hidden in the darkness a sensual co-efficient of the mental passion which was welding our souls and spirits in one flaming effort. Several, thirsting to punish appetites they could not wholly prevent, took a savage pride in degrading the body, and offered themself fiercely in any habit which promised physical pain or filth.
So, yeah. One of the most famous nonfiction books in history offhandedly mentions dudes being prison gay in the first chapter.
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2012-05-17 05:03 pm

Let me get this straight

Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes announced in March 2007.

BBC's Sherlock announced in August 2008.

Elementary announced in late 2011, and is promptly decried as a ripoff by fans of the BBC's Sherlock.

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2012-05-16 08:51 pm
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Attacked by bees, only way was up a mountain - Las Vegas Review-Journal

"The bees were in my ears. They were in my nose. They were in my mouth," he said Tuesday as he recounted his ordeal from the parking lot of Lone Mountain Park, at the west end of Craig Road. "I was in a hell of a mess."
That's...not how I'd describe it.
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2012-05-14 07:06 pm
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I find a demotivator on dA

Someone says it breaks the rules.
Someone responds to them and says it doesn't.
I respond to them and say it does.
I get two posts worth of nonsense about how copyright infringement only occurs when it reduces value, and how every rule has a loophole, and how the demotivator is "harmless", and how my avatar is creepy.
Instead of responding, I, on a hunch simply check their gallery.
Five pieces were violations, all of which I reported.
"Michelle", thou didst protest too much.
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2012-05-14 09:58 am

Overheard in class.

Alex: It's not going wrong, it's just not coming together.
Me: It's coming wrong-whoops.
Everyone: (Laughs)
Ben: Yeah, you went there.