Oct. 3rd, 2012

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Alex: I live in Brooklyn, and I've been called "white boy" in a pejorative manner by black people just for walking past them. I've also told a mixed-race female friend of mine that I like brown girls and she got offended. So, yes, people do sometimes tilt at windmills when it comes to race.
Bob: Since you're white, you need to be conscious of all the oppressing other white people have done and all the power other white people have. If they offended you, you shouldn't be hanging out with those people and they have no responsibility for deliberately offending you whatsoever. Also, you can't call a young woman a brown girl even in a literal sense because you're white and she was right to be offended even if she wasn't actually right about what your point was. I'm right because I'm a black guy, so stop complaining about people playing the race card.
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Alex: At some point they are going to have to advertise the real costs of these games. Bad enough to pay 60 but all the add-ons push it closer to a hundred.
Me: That's like saying the "real cost" of a movie ticket includes popcorn, a soda, and milk balls, or the "real costs" of owning a car include Truck Nutz, a peeing Calvin sticker, and a hula girl for the dashboard.

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