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2012-10-27 01:15 pm
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On the N-Word;

Alex: White people shouldn't participate in the discussion about the word nigger.

Me: So you want them to abide by what black people decide about the use of the word without having any say in it themselves?

Alex: White people don't suffer racism, and black people are merely oppressed little victims.

Me: Which is why Reginald Denny nearly got his head stomped in during the 1992 riots, and Asian businesses were disproportionately targeted by the rioters? Also, if the opinion of white people doesn't matter because they don't have the same experience as black people, what does it mean when they happen to share the same opinion on racial issues as a black person, such as me?

Alex: "Sit down, Uncle Ruckus. Just sit the [gently caress] down."

If you check the link, you'll see she's a blatant anti-white racist, up to and including using that Social Justice Sally definition of "racism" that basically means only white people can be racist. In another thread, I even reduced her to calling all white people bullies and using sarcasm instead of an argument.

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2012-10-22 10:47 pm
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That awkward moment when you realize the little girl you knew is now an attractive young woman.

That awkward moment when you realize she graduated high school four years after you.

That awkward moment when she has kids.

That awkward moment when you realize you may have just sent a friend request to the wrong person.
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2012-10-07 10:46 pm
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There was a very strange case on COPS where a man walked in on his mother having sex with his wife. As if this itself isn't ridiculous, he doesn't know how to react, so he calls the police hoping they can do something about this. His mother, seeing that he's calling the police, stabs him in the hand. When they get there, they arrest his mother while his wife screams after the car "She's 61 years old! You can't do that to her!"
- Makes Just as Much Sense in Context - TVTropes
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2012-10-03 07:34 pm
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From the comments of a Kotaku article about AC3 DLC

Alex: At some point they are going to have to advertise the real costs of these games. Bad enough to pay 60 but all the add-ons push it closer to a hundred.
Me: That's like saying the "real cost" of a movie ticket includes popcorn, a soda, and milk balls, or the "real costs" of owning a car include Truck Nutz, a peeing Calvin sticker, and a hula girl for the dashboard.
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2012-10-03 04:47 pm

From a discussion on Kotaku.

Alex: I live in Brooklyn, and I've been called "white boy" in a pejorative manner by black people just for walking past them. I've also told a mixed-race female friend of mine that I like brown girls and she got offended. So, yes, people do sometimes tilt at windmills when it comes to race.
Bob: Since you're white, you need to be conscious of all the oppressing other white people have done and all the power other white people have. If they offended you, you shouldn't be hanging out with those people and they have no responsibility for deliberately offending you whatsoever. Also, you can't call a young woman a brown girl even in a literal sense because you're white and she was right to be offended even if she wasn't actually right about what your point was. I'm right because I'm a black guy, so stop complaining about people playing the race card.
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2012-10-01 01:04 pm
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Sitting in my bedroom after having some sandwiches.

Wonder what smells like pizza.

Realize it's my sandwich.

Realize I left a frozen pizza in the fridge a week ago and forgot about it.

Go downstairs the next morning.

Find pizza passed its best by date yesterday.

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2012-09-28 06:58 pm
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Suddenly, Jonathan realized that the new store that had opened a literal stone's throw away from his flat, on his way home from school, was a food store, and moreover, that they sold Pringles. Some quick research determined that they did not sell his beloved Honey BBQ, but instead the intriguing new flavor Macaroni and Cheese, as well as Steak and Onion.

'Twould be a long year, he thought grimly.
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2012-09-27 04:54 pm
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I saw a guy today I can only describe as "South Asian Jeremy Renner".

Yes, down to the haircut.
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2012-09-10 06:01 pm
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This is a thing that happened.

Alex: I have this criticism to make about feminism and women's studies.
Bobbie: You really mean ladies, right? You're saying all women are like that? Well, that's just not true. Besides, it's who put men in jail, and men who rape other men. Women don't do any of that.
Me: Wow. There is literally no part of what you said that isn't wrong in some way.

Once again, it's men who rape, men who commit violent crimes and men who incarcerate them. there are no credible studies that prove otherwise.

Your insistance on this unsupported, unfounded line of reasoning makes one thing clear:

Your aim is not to help men. Your sole aim is to villify women.

I am not making this up.

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2012-09-07 02:56 pm
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In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have made the young lady taking my blood laugh so hard she couldn't breathe.

Also; social justice advocates; you do know that Western society already generally considers men who make unwanted advances towards women creepers, right? Just like people who question or doubt rape victims - sorry, female rape victims - are usually considered misogynists or worse, defense attorneys, no matter what their actual reasoning is? Both groups are usually looked down upon by society. The problems are with the individual, not culture, no matter how much you'd like to be able to blame society.
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2012-08-22 09:20 pm
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Me: Some people who pirate give X rationale.
Alex: Is that really piracy?
Bobbie: Of course not. He only called it piracy because he's biased.
Me: One, I can see your post, and two, the people in question were the ones who called it piracy.
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2012-08-22 07:47 pm
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A social justice advocate just accused me of being self-righteous and having convoluted reasoning.

Just to compound the irony, they, you guessed it, had misunderstood what I was actually saying completely. I didn't even bother to read past the first two sentences.
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2012-08-14 10:25 pm
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I got paid for some prints today.

That makes me officially a professional artist.

I suppose I'd better go change my deviantART status WHOOPS I ALREADY DID.

That said, I did something I regret today. I got a little snippy to someone I shouldn't have, because I was pissed off at myself for making a mistake.

Also, I find myself getting pulled right back in to the Social Justice on Tumblr, when I should be Working on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magical Girl project I'm on.
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2012-07-08 05:38 pm
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Blah blah "vehement discussion" with family blah

Blah blah gripes aired blah
Blah blah feel like crap in every possible way blah
Blah literally my head is hurting blah
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2012-06-10 06:07 am
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I was disproportionately excited by stumbling upon some frozen chicken I forgot I had in my freezer. Like finding a hidden Christmas present with my name on it in April. "Yay! Chicken!"
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2012-06-06 07:53 pm
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Bus driver, London

"Anyone? Anyone else for service to Bristol? Anyone want to come sit on a reasonably warm...ish bus? Sit it traffic for a while? No?"

Me: Hee.
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2012-05-14 09:58 am

Overheard in class.

Alex: It's not going wrong, it's just not coming together.
Me: It's coming wrong-whoops.
Everyone: (Laughs)
Ben: Yeah, you went there.
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2012-05-12 06:17 pm

I posted "One Shot" less than 20 hours ago.

There are two more on the next page.

I think this means I'm a BNF now. BRB, gotta go hit up fans for an iPod.

(Seriously, where are these people coming from?)
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2012-05-09 10:51 pm

"take me to the finish line"

I think that girl I like likes another guy.

Unless close friends in England habitually feed each other Malteses by hand.

Actually, considering the homoerotic jokes I hear, that's not out of the question. She's still friendly toward me, and just today she returned my copy of Good Omens and we had a nice chat about our schoolwork while I found myself staring at her eyes and the curve of her jaw.

So I am greatly attracted both intellectually and physically to this young woman, and I have said, on average, five words to her a month. I've been trying to level up my social skill, as I put it to one of my friends, over the past month or two. And just a day or two, I realized that the year is almost up and I didn't do much of anything to advance my It's Complicated with her.

And now this.

And, honestly, if she has moved on, it's my fault. I've kept the wheels spinning for an entire school year. I even considered telling her to move on. And since the guy she's interested in is also a friend, so I'm honestly happy for both of them.

It's just...

Well, it's not like she's the only girl whose interested in me. I'm an attractive, exotic intelligent man, after all. The fact that I somehow managed to screw it up with a girl who was both a good match and actually interested in me doesn't reflect badly on me at all. I can accept it, I can move on.

Man, this sucks. I'm going to have another Lucozade.
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2012-05-08 05:58 pm
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Get GCal notification that Daddy's birthday is in two days.
Head into town.
Head toward the bookstore to buy a card.
Happen to notice a store called The Card Factory.
Walk in, buy card.
Walk back to Post Office to mail it.
Walk to McDonald's.
Order meal.
Use their WiFi to update my Kindle app on my Android.
Find I bought a book and completely forgot about.
Cute girl smiles at me on the way home.

Incidentally, Brian Clevenger says, in the preface for "Nuklear Age", that at the age of 34(?) he looks back and winces at what he considered his magnum opus at 21. I'm inclined to agree. For example, he uses the term "fan service" as if a reader would certainly understand it. As a general rule, I like to be accessible in my writing, so using an relatively obscure geek term like it's a household word is a no-no, especially in narration.