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There are two more on the next page.

I think this means I'm a BNF now. BRB, gotta go hit up fans for an iPod.

(Seriously, where are these people coming from?)
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The SA Goons mock him openly. In the style of Rucks

Saw him day after day, starin' at that infernal machine. Starin' at that li'l views number next to his li'l internet show. Wonderin' why no one was watchin'. Hurt me inside, seeing the Kid so confounded by that drat number. Told him it didn't matter. Told him there were a million other things he could be doin'. But the Kid never was one to be orderin' his priorities properly. Never looked at me. Never looked at the girl, drat near broke her heart. Just the views number, 's all he saw. But it never rose. Kid pressed F5 once, twice, again and again. It never rose.
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I think that girl I like likes another guy.

Unless close friends in England habitually feed each other Malteses by hand.

Actually, considering the homoerotic jokes I hear, that's not out of the question. She's still friendly toward me, and just today she returned my copy of Good Omens and we had a nice chat about our schoolwork while I found myself staring at her eyes and the curve of her jaw.

So I am greatly attracted both intellectually and physically to this young woman, and I have said, on average, five words to her a month. I've been trying to level up my social skill, as I put it to one of my friends, over the past month or two. And just a day or two, I realized that the year is almost up and I didn't do much of anything to advance my It's Complicated with her.

And now this.

And, honestly, if she has moved on, it's my fault. I've kept the wheels spinning for an entire school year. I even considered telling her to move on. And since the guy she's interested in is also a friend, so I'm honestly happy for both of them.

It's just...

Well, it's not like she's the only girl whose interested in me. I'm an attractive, exotic intelligent man, after all. The fact that I somehow managed to screw it up with a girl who was both a good match and actually interested in me doesn't reflect badly on me at all. I can accept it, I can move on.

Man, this sucks. I'm going to have another Lucozade.
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Break egg into bowl.
Fish out larger bits of eggshell.
See about eight tiny little bits.
Can't be bothered.
Make eggs anyway.
Don't remember eggshell until I'm done.
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Piece of publicity art shows Black Widow in a pose that shows off her butt.
Lots of discussion about the apparent sexism ensues.

Tumblr has hundreds if not thousands of posts drooling over Jeremy Renner's butt.
No one says a thing.
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These daily "random" picture collections seems to have an awful lot of hot women partially exposing intimate parts of their anatomy included in them, some directed specifically at your website. Much more than the statistical mean, in fact. I suspect you deliberately included them to increase your popularity!

On to you,
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[Thread] (Language warning, even with the filter.)

Bouncer says that he put a drunk woman in a chokehold after she bit him, which was after they gave her several chances to go away.

People criticize him for using unnecessary force, and say he got his job just because he likes to get in fights with people, and that he should be able to control a tiny woman since he's such a big guy.

He says his co-worker was wearing gloves when he tried to dump a champagne bucket of ice water on a drunk female patron, and this led to the bucket slipping out of his hands and hitting the woman.

People say that the bouncer likes to throw buckets at women.

He says he has his job because he likes to meet and sleep with women women, and he usually deals with dozens of  of women a night.

People criticize him for using his position to dominate women and repeatedly call him a rapist because he sleeps with drunk women, which he never said he does.

He says that a big fight started up while he was patting people down for a big event, which resulted in him getting stabbed.

One guy says he beat up the kid who was only acting in "self-defense" when he stabbed the bouncer.

Not even the other critics want to back him up.
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Team Fashion 2 - Heavy
by ~u63r on deviantART

I...I kind of want that messenger bag now.

This is what happens when I discover Console to Closet.

Her original head was based on Regina Spektor, and she still has Dem Cheekbones, but I found the first version a little too, um, terrifying.

No, I don't know if I'm doing any more.
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"-but actually gave you one?"

Funny thing; I found two strange black socks when I got my clothes out of the dryer, even though I checked it beforehand.

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Eric: I don't understand that post, so none of the people who agree with it do either.
Me: If you don't understand it, how do you know whether anyone else does?


Alex: Eric, prove these claims you made.
Eric: It's common knowledge.
Alex: Then you shouldn't have trouble proving it.
Eric: Gosh, I'm not sure I should go through all the trouble. It's sooo much trouble.
[A dozen posts dodging and not proving his claims later]
Eric: What exactly was your problem with that post?
Me: You said earlier that it would take a while to find that information. How could you say that if you didn't know what information to find?

I once caught Eric scoffing at calculations based on the basic principle of a sundial, and saying information from the US Naval Observatory was just something randomly found on Google.

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I just got in an argument with someone on Youtube who said that people who cross the border illegally into the US aren't criminals.

Or course, they also said that crack cocaine only exists because drugs are illegal, and all the problems with drugs and prostitution are caused by them being illegal, so I'm assuming they ain't long on the smarts.
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According to people around the Internet, the husband is still in the wrong because he was "rude" to the wife. Apparently, anything short of "I'll get it to you when I'm finished this match" or "I'll ask Mike over the internet in this game we are both playing right now" is entirely unacceptable.

There are people seriously arguing that he was being "dismissive" despite the fact that, by definition, that requires actually dismissing someone. Was her mistake reasonable? Yes. Is it his fault? Arguably. Is "what's really important" that he appeared to be ignoring her? No, it's second to the question of whether he actually ignored her.

Trying to claim that the appearance of dismissiveness is more important than whether there was any actual dismissal going on is moving the goalposts. Ironically, I've had and seen arguments with people where they do the same thing. Once their interpretation of something is proven wrong, they try to argue that it's wrong to merely give the appearance of such, and never really admit they were wrong.
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Got invited to a meal at a local chinese buffet with my classmates by that one classmate who may be a lesbian, went, made a good accounting of myself.

Sat next to a mousy girl who I think might have a thing for me, chatted with her politely. She's cute, but I'm more interested in R-. I hope I didn't give her any ideas.

One of my classmates got a haircut over the break, and now he looks exactly like Rhett McLaughlin of Rhett and Neal. Except less Christian, shorter, and British, and more prone to making dirty jokes.

Also, seriously, £12.99 for a buffet? Plus drinks? It was nice, yes, but that's a quite bit even in British money.
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In addition to the nightmarish skull, I've also found that Florence, in the poster, is about eight or nine heads high. I know she's tall, and I know she has legs out to next week, but I'm calling shenanigans.
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In an entirely unrelated development, I've turned off Amazon's One-Click buying feature.

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Strangely, this page had more than just "teach philosophy".

Hurlingham Club-Receptionist
The Bull Hotel-Bar Staff
The House of Agnes-Housekeeping Assistant
Thorley Taverns-Bar Staff
Topshop-Sales Assistant
University of Kent-Canteen Assistant
Waitrose-Customer Service
Wheatstone Inn-Waitress
But not much more.
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He doesn't know who Himmler is.

This is like claiming to know about American government under Bush and not knowing who Dick Cheney is.
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I live in the UK.

I think their algorithm needs a little work.

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