Apr. 13th, 2012

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Seriously, dude, you can film from more than two feet away. And there's no law against showing the top of someone's head.

That aside, I think the movie benefits from not being in first person. Katniss Everdeen, in the book, is a young woman from the rear end of nowhere who nonetheless writes like an English professor. The movie does this revolutionary thing called "acting" whereby characters convey information and feelings without needing to explicitly state it. It also allows other characters more development; President Snow, for example, is much better developed in the film, where Katniss barely saw him in the first novel. Peeta and Cinna, as always, are both bro-tier. Someone put a lot of effort into this film-I've flipped through the behind the scenes book at ASDA-and it shows. It really is a very good film.

I bought some posters for the movie; Katniss and Rue. Katniss 'cause she's Katniss, and Rue because she reminds me of my niece. I haven't had any posters up since last year, and since I also bought a Florence and the Machine poster, I keep looking up from my computer and briefly thinking some lunatic who likes leggy redheads snuck into my room and pasted it up.

Hey, what's this poster doing here?

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